Les bases de la programmation en R

Les bases de la programmation en R

Les bases de la programmation en R Udemy Course

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Les bases de la programmation en R Course Créé par Valentina Porcu.

Les bases de la programmation en R has 4.5 rating out of 5 based on 97 students. Currently this course has 511 participants. Course langwage is Français.

Les bases de la programmation en R Course Description

This course is intended to be an introduction to the R programming language and a practical guide to learning the basics of programming in this language. This programming language is dedicated to statistics and data manipulation.

At least 5 hours of this training is essential if you want to start as a data analyst or data scientist.

Let's start with the basic structures of R, vectors, matrices, lists, and dataframes. Let's look at how to create objects in R and how to use early R features like rearranging vectors or adding columns to matrices. Describes how to set up an R working environment (including Rstudio), how to install and load packages into memory, how to create and extract subsets of data, how to remove duplicate data, and how to manage dates. Let's see how to import data from R, not only in various formats (mainly .csv), but also in Excel, txt and sav.

Learn how to manipulate data thanks to certain features and packages like dplyr.

We'll cover some statistics about R and how to generate diagrams using its basic features or specific packages, specifically ggplot2.

Finally, let's see how to create a report in R using Markdown and Knitr.

*** This course does not currently include exercises related to this, which will be added soon in the manner specified in the Bonuses section.

I am a computer geek, passionate about data mining and research, I have a PhD in communication and complex systems, and I have many years of experience in teaching online and at universities in Italy, France and Morocco.

I work as a consultant in data mining and machine learning, and I love writing about new technologies and data mining.

I've been working as a freelancer and researcher for the past 12 years in the field of social media analysis, benchmark analysis and web scraping for database building, especially buzz analysis and sentiment analysis for universities, startups and web agencies. UK, France, USA, Italy.

Les bases de la programmation en R Course for

  • Vous êtes débutant complet en programmation
  • Vous avez quelques bases en programmation
  • Vous maîtrisez la programmation dans un autre langage

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