LeadGo - Lead Management Tool

LeadGo - Lead Management Tool Description

LeadGo is a lead management tool for maintaining accuracy when managing multiple leads. With this skilled tool, you can manage lead visibility at various stages in your pipeline. You can easily assign multiple resources to different leads at the same time, ensuring increased efficiency.

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Login as client: adams@example.com / 123456789

Kanban board for lead management

Manage your leads with a simple drag-and-drop system. The Kanban board system makes it easy to move leads to different stages.

Kanban board for transaction management

Manage your transactions with a simple drag and drop system. The Kanban board system makes it easy to move transactions to different stages.

Create deals

Create new transactions by allocating resources such as prices, clients, products and sources. Select a pipeline and its stage. You can also add notes to them.

Individual trading function

Add labels and tasks to specific transactions. Change the status of tasks and assign them priorities. Add related products, sources, and files to it. Talk to the discussion tab and take important notes. Review the invoice for the specified transaction and limit the client's permissions. Add or remove products and users in a particular transaction. A separate calendar and activity tab for each transaction makes it easy to monitor important issues.

Add users and clients to your transactions

This feature allows users and clients to see only certain transactions when they log in.

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LeadGo - Lead Management Tool

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