Kreativ Pricing - Joomla Pricing Table Module

Kreativ Pricing - Joomla Pricing Table Module Description

If the demo doesn't work, you can click to remove the frame or find the demo here. demo

The price of Kreativ is Joomla3 Price List Module .. View your pricing plans in a nice, cool and creative way. You can view an unlimited number of tables and variations of up to 5 rate plans.

Kreative Pricing comes with many styling options, two filter navigation styles (switches and buttons), and essentially unlimited color variations. You can customize the base color directly in the module settings using custom color options. That way, Creativ Pricing fits snugly on your website.


Fixed an issue where viewport animations didn't work


Fixed an issue where the table did not appear in chrome when the animation was embraced.


Fixed an issue where animated css files would not load. Minor css fix.


Kreativ Pricing v2 is a complete rewrite of the module and is not compatible with older versions.


Here you can add textual information about price plan variations. Check out the demo ...

A button option has been added to the pricing plan variations to use the same default plan features. Now your pricing plans and variations have the same features. Simply turn on this option to save time typing the same function again.

Kreativ Pricing - Joomla Pricing Table Module

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