Jira for Agile-Scrum with Admin-2020

Jira for Agile-Scrum with Admin-2020

Jira for Agile-Scrum with Admin-2020 Udemy Course

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Jira for Agile-Scrum with Admin-2020 Course Created by Rahul Gujar.

Jira for Agile-Scrum with Admin-2020 has 4.5 rating out of 5 based on 54 students. Currently this course has 397 students. Course langwage is English.

Jira for Agile-Scrum with Admin-2020 Course Description

Atlassian Jira is the most widely used ALM tool in agile projects, and as the world continues to adopt agile practices, Jira has evolved to meet a variety of agile methods and customer needs.

This course details how to use Jira and how to configure and customize it to effectively use the tools your team needs. The concepts behind these configurations in Jira are explained through various scenarios and best practices that help students connect instantly and absorb tool usage in specific situations.

Course Overview:

• An overview of Jira using the setup in the cloud

• Create a project in Jira using a template

• Overview of Scrum

• Working with Scrum projects in Jira

• Role in Jira

• Jira board configuration

• Jira Workflow

• Screen and scheme configuration

• Problem type and field composition

• JQL and filters

• Dashboard and report configuration.

• Others (shared configuration, components, link issues, timelogs, watchers, notifications)

• Project scaling in Jira

• Course overview


Im Rahul Gujar with over 22 years of IT industry experience with expertise in agile and DevOps practices. Over the years, I have played a variety of leadership roles, gaining practical experience in product / application development in the banking, financial, telecommunications, and healthcare domains.

I have over 5 years of teaching experience in Agile, DevOps, AWS and Jira tools and have trained over 2000 students.

I am passionate about training professionals because I firmly believe that knowledge is for sharing and that you can learn more by teaching others.

Jira for Agile-Scrum with Admin-2020 Course for

  • Agile Teams, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Project Managers, Jira Admins, Business Analysts, Developers and Testers of Scrum/Agile projects

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