Java Puzzles to Eliminate Code Fear

Java Puzzles to Eliminate Code Fear

Java Puzzles to Eliminate Code Fear Udemy Course

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Java Puzzles to Eliminate Code Fear Course Created by Imtiaz Ahmad.

Java Puzzles to Eliminate Code Fear has 4.7 rating out of 5 based on 1755 students. Currently this course has 15,869 students. Course langwage is English.

Java Puzzles to Eliminate Code Fear Course Description

Last update date: November 2020

The motivation behind this course came from an article titled "Why can't a programmer program?" By Jeff Atwood. Explains how poor a candidate's performance is in a coding interview.

Surprisingly, even applicants with a master's or doctoral degree in computer science are required to perform basic programming tasks such as loop iterations and printing numbers 1-10. If so, there are a large number of applicants who fail during the interview. Or solve a common fizz buzz problem. And when I interviewed a candidate for a software development job, I experienced this first hand. They may have an impressive academic background and experience in a variety of technology and software projects, but when interesting programming problems arise, the code breaks apart. In fact, you don't need a college education to be a good programmer. Simply, there is a big gap between those who can and cannot program. My experience is that the differences relate to learning the basic components of programming. And it's basically method-level coding, learning topics such as string manipulation, lists, loops, logic, and recursion. These are the basic fine-grained components shared by all programming languages. Think of these as tools that programmers can use to solve problems. And you really need to be familiar with your tools and proficient in crafting!

You can't read a book to learn programming. In reality, it requires a lot of practice. If you want to be a good programmer, you have to write a lot of programs and work on solving difficult problems to develop your abilities. This course provides a systematic and structured way to learn the practice using only a subset of the Java language, without tracking other areas of software development. All concepts come with coding challenges. Try to solve the problem yourself before elaborating on the solution. This approach has worked many times for my students.

Imtiaz is an award-winning Udemy instructor with extensive experience in big data technology and enterprise software architecture. Imtiaz spends a considerable amount of time building financial software on Wall Street and works with companies such as S & P, Goldman Sachs, AOL and JP Morgan to help various startups solve mission-critical software issues. I have been supporting. With over 13 years of experience, Imtiaz has also taught software development in programming languages ​​such as Java, C ++, Python, PL / SQL, Ruby and Javascript. He is the founder of Job Ready Programmer. This is an online programming school that prepares students of all backgrounds to become professional out-of-the-box software developers through hands-on programming courses.

Java Puzzles to Eliminate Code Fear Course for

  • If you want to sharpen your programming skills by solving a bunch of programming problems to finally have a command over the programming profession, this course is for you!
  • If you want to become a kick-ass problem solver using java, this course is definitely for you!
  • If you want to just watch lectures passively while having popcorn without working on the programming puzzles, then this course is NOT for you!

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