IP Based Login WordPress Plugin Download Free

IP Based Login WordPress Plugin Download Free

Free IP Based Login WP Plugin Download

IP Based Login allows you to directly login from an authorized IP without password.

IP-based login allows you to log in directly from the authorization IP without a password. Therefore, if you want to allow login, but you do not want to share login details, use IP-based login to add an IP / IP range and enter a login credential when they access your site. Log in without it. IP based logins include: Support-CloudFlare Support-Select a user name that can be accessed when accessed from IP within the provided range-Batch Export / Import IP Ranges-Enable / Disables IP RANGES. If you are not accessing from other IPSs that do not exist in the range, you can use the IS_LOGGED_IN_USING_IPBL () 'feature to determine if the administrator is logged in by the administrator with the IP-based login plug-in or username / password. increase. This function can be called from other theme / plug-ins or any PHP file. -Safe

WordPress IP Based Login Plugin Version is 2.2.3.

IP Based Login Plugin last modified on 01/30/2022.

IP Based Login WordPress Plugin has 5 Rating out of 5.

IP Based Login WP Plugin is Free to Download.

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