iOS14 widget Quote app with in app purchase

iOS14 widget Quote app with in app purchase Description

Very easy to set up and customize:

With the release of iOS 14, many app developers are rushing to add widgets to their work. These updated widgets take advantage of the biggest feature added to iOS 14, that is, the ability to place widgets anywhere on the home screen.

Widgets were included in previous iOS releases, but iOS 14 frees widgets from the Today view on the left side of the iPhone's home screen, allowing for richer widgets with a more attractive and informative design. Become.

1. Over 50000 quotes (no server required)

2. Create your own widget with convenient editing

3. Select a citation category and author

4. Select a background image

5. Select a background color

6. Select a background gradient

7. Select a font

8. Select a text color

9. Add an overlay

10. Add a border

11. Purchase an app to unlock the background image

12. Clean and simple design

13. Bug-free, high-quality code

14. You can easily change the refresh timing from the settings

iOS14 widget Quote app with in app purchase

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