Ionic Framework (Basic) by นายแบงค์ จาก Senchabox

Ionic Framework (Basic) by นายแบงค์ จาก Senchabox

Ionic Framework (Basic) by นายแบงค์ จาก Senchabox Udemy Course

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Ionic Framework (Basic) by นายแบงค์ จาก Senchabox Course สร้างโดย Phongsak Thomthitchong.

Ionic Framework (Basic) by นายแบงค์ จาก Senchabox has 4.9 rating out of 5 based on 85 students. Currently this course has ผู้เรียน 228 คน. Course langwage is ไทย.

Ionic Framework (Basic) by นายแบงค์ จาก Senchabox Course Description

Hello, this is 'Senchabox Mr. Bank' Dev 1. Is it possible? Available for both Android and iOS. Isn't that true! I'm a mobile developer (hybrid application), so I've been doing this for 7 years, but they said that I can't actually use it. Usually taught only by companies and agencies in Thailand. But today I want to use Udemy. Whenever that happens, I use words that are easy to understand at home.. It's my own style. I will relax without stress. Without focusing on academics, ah...a lot of people have asked, so you didn't make an online video lecture today? At a price you can definitely reach!

"You studied with me and you have to bring it to work. I don't translate for foreigners to teach. Real developers say, "Think for yourself from real experience. It can be used for real voice :) and real application development, it shortens development time. And the testing was great.

I haven't graduated yet and have been working in the computer field for 17 years. I want to earn money and use it "without having to ask my mom for money" and learn various experiences. Many companies not only open books based on theories obtained from actual work, but also start developing programs in C language and start playing pranks on their friends. . Like programming, using PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript and computer graphics with each other, it has become graphic design in itself. It's been a while since I've been a web developer. With a mobile phone, there has to be something to scale. As I was managing information on the web, I started developing mobile applications by writing iOS applications (Objective-C) 8 years ago and turned to mobile applications. I started studying Hybrid. Applications with native iOS, are they really that good?

Many years have passed. It can be said that a hybrid is not a sparrow. If you look at the ability of Hybrid Application, you can develop quickly because it uses the original development concept from . Simple languages ​​HTML, CSS, Javascript using the Google library Angularjs as part of the Ionic Framework. Invited speaker from various companies and government organizations in Thailand - Served as a special speaker at Swapark Cheetos event held at Major Ratchayothin in the format of IotInternet Of Thing - Advertisement for Citra White 3D under the theme of Hybrid Application of Sencha Touch Framework - Research & Develop in Thailand It was released as a design work of Paper Model. On TV - a hybrid application for both current job seekers and businesses - the current event is about Ghbank Smart Booth, available in Store Android and iOS.

P.S I personally like to teach. But I hate studying hahaha I fall asleep every time I study...

Ionic Framework (Basic) by นายแบงค์ จาก Senchabox Course for

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