Invoice SaaS - Multitenant Invoice Management

Invoice SaaS - Multitenant Invoice Management Description

Invoice SaaS is an ASP.NET Core web application that helps you manage your company's invoice documents. It also has important additional features that are useful in your day-to-day operations, such as purchase cycles, sales cycles, and products. Not only that, our SaaS edition has multi-tenant functionality, which is the most sought after feature. The multi-tenant feature allows a single instance to host a multi-enterprise or multi-tenant with data that is isolated from each other.

We understand as programmers and want complete control over the software. Therefore, we have shipped the product with complete source code for customization and extension. Developed on the basis of the well-known ASP.NET free open source project starter platform SERENITY.IS framework (thousands of favorite stars on Github from programmers around the world), this product has a simple project structure. Ideal for developers looking for a good software architecture. It consists of only a single project with folder-separated modularity, making it easy to track the architecture.

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We've invested in Azure to offer our customers a special online demo so they can test-run the application to see if it's appropriate. Please use the links below to access the live demo.

For global administrator (route administrator):

Username: admin

Password: 1234567

For local tenant managers (eg sports company)

Username: sportstation

Password: 1234567

For local tenant administrator (eg Cake & Beverage Company)

Username: nybread

Password: 1234567

A fully equipped product with the most requested features that completes key invoice management features such as:

Take advantage of the best development tools and frameworks in the .NET market technology stack. All of these luxuries are easily accessible with the free World-Class Community Edition.

You are a .NET developer with the following conditions:

Below are the simple steps to run your project.

Note: The database will be created automatically.

We do not provide paid support. We support this product through free support services at no additional cost. Using email Free support help.

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Invoice SaaS - Multitenant Invoice Management

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