Investimento em Ações para Leigos

Investimento em Ações para Leigos

Investimento em Ações para Leigos Udemy Course

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Investimento em Ações para Leigos Course Criado por Bruno Caetano.

Investimento em Ações para Leigos has 4.3 rating out of 5 based on 290 students. Currently this course has 1.135 alunos. Course langwage is Português.

Investimento em Ações para Leigos Course Description

This course is for people who want to make good long-term stocks and are curious about the stock market but don't know where to start. For many people, the stock exchange is considered a casino where the lucky ones take the risk, or a casino that only caters to experts in the financial markets. Therefore, this course aims to understand this perspective by showing that it is possible for even small individual investors to make money in the stock market.

The target audience is engineers, doctors, dentists, lawyers, and other professionals who typically do not have a background in finance but are interested in investing in profitable companies and sharing the success of these companies.

This course starts by showing you how much stock investing in Brazil is worth, giving you a basic idea of ​​what this market is, then going through the basic aspects of analysis and simple ways to choose a good company.

Minas Gerais holds a master's degree in Electrical Engineering with a degree in Control and Automation Engineering from Federal University.

I am currently working as a product development engineer on an embedded software project.

My interests are software development, advanced engineering, economics, and investment. My hobby is investing in the stock market and using programming to automate tasks.

Investimento em Ações para Leigos Course for

  • Este curso de investimento em ações destina-se aos leigos que estão em busca de melhorar sua condição financeira, mas enxergam o mercado de ações como um cassino, ou algo voltado apenas para profissionais do setor financeiro
  • Deveriam participar deste curso todos aqueles que estão dispostos a aprender e transformar suas vidas através da construção de um patrimônio sólido

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