Introduction to Logic (Geometry Unit 2)

Introduction to Logic (Geometry Unit 2)

Introduction to Logic (Geometry Unit 2) Udemy Course

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Introduction to Logic (Geometry Unit 2) Course Created by Matthew Gromlich.

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Introduction to Logic (Geometry Unit 2) Course Description

This unit is the first in a high school geometry curriculum. I will teach you basic logical concepts so that you can apply them to geometric concepts later. It is available not only to traditional high school students, but also to high school equivalence (HSE) students who are learning about the geometric topics of the Equivalence Test (GED, TASC, HiSET). The topics are:

(1) Guessing and counterexamples

(2) Symbolic logic

(3) Truth Value Table

(4) Conditional text

(5) Related conditional statements

(6) Deductive Inference

Each section has at least one related video, video quiz, and section quiz. The video quiz must be taken with or immediately after watching the video. The section quiz will be given later. You can use any textbook to supplement the course.

This course takes about 5-10 hours to complete.

I am a high school math and high school equivalent teacher in Las Vegas, Nevada. He also teaches math and math method courses at various universities in the Las Vegas Valley region.

I have a degree in math and science education and recently received a PhD. Curriculum and Teaching: UNLV Mathematics Education.

Introduction to Logic (Geometry Unit 2) Course for

  • This course is designed for students who are interested in learning the material. I have developed a similar course for instructors looking to use my videos to teach their students, but that course has additional instructor information.
  • High School Geometry Students
  • HSE/GED Students Studying Geometry

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