Introdução a Pintura Digital

Introdução a Pintura Digital

Introdução a Pintura Digital Udemy Course

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Introdução a Pintura Digital Course Criado por Guilherme Gusmão de Freitas.

Introdução a Pintura Digital has 4.8 rating out of 5 based on 6980 students. Currently this course has 10.929 alunos. Course langwage is Português.

Introdução a Pintura Digital Course Description

Start making digital art! A course recommended for beginners who have never opened Photoshop, let's go together from the beginning! Explore the full base of tools, shortcuts, and processes to easily create digital artwork and drawings. If you are already experienced, you may also benefit from this content as it details all the methods and settings you have learned about digital painting over the past 7 years. Also, let's go through the basics of lighting and understand how to paint without outlines, how to use light and shadow to create volume and give your drawings a 3D feel, all in a systematic and straightforward process! Start with your right foot and speed up your development if you're already on this journey!

Working with drawings has always been a dream, and I learned to play and have fun, but it really began to evolve when I took it seriously and found a source to educate myself in the arts. I majored in Advertising at Anhanguera de Taubaté, and as the creator of Brush Rush (formerly Palavras NERD), a YouTube channel on art, digital design and illustration, I have created numerous tutorials. Today I am working as a freelancer creating illustrations and characters, working on my own entrepreneurship project related to the arts. But to get here, I had to take the first step. So today I created a process that empowers the artistic trajectory. We know that getting started can be particularly difficult. Let's improve our skills step by step and achieve our goals together!

Introdução a Pintura Digital Course for

  • Pessoas que começaram recentemente a criar arte digital
  • Quem já cria arte no papel, mas quer iniciar na arte digital com o pé-direito
  • Quem ainda não desenha, ou pinta, mas quer começar seus estudos pelo digital
  • Aqueles que acompanham meu conteúdo e querem ver em detalhes meus processos
  • Quem quer se livrar das linhas de contorno passar a criar pinturas digitais com aparência "3D"

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