Inspirational Messages of Swami Rama: 25 Core Principles

Inspirational Messages of Swami Rama: 25 Core Principles

Inspirational Messages of Swami Rama: 25 Core Principles Udemy Course

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Inspirational Messages of Swami Rama: 25 Core Principles Course Created by Abhyasa Ashram, Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati.

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Inspirational Messages of Swami Rama: 25 Core Principles Course Description

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May your meditation bring you peace, happiness, and bliss. SJ

Yoga is a whole life insurance. After all, only one yoga has many aspects. Swamirama does a great job of explaining different aspects of this one yoga.

This course introduces over 25 basic principles and practices of traditional yoga, following the description of 20th century yoga, the Himalayan Swamirama. In addition to each of the 25 presentations, there are 25 (1 each) brief guided meditations / contemplations from Swami Jnaneshvara that bring additional life and personal experience to the presentation.

This course is intended for those who are already familiar with yoga to some extent and want to explore more subtle principles. If you have heard or are interested in yoga, as explained in the Himalayan tradition, you can enjoy this overview of the essence of yoga through the eyes of Himalayan Swami Rama (1925-1996). I can do it. However, the information and practices of this tradition are universal and applicable to all. My most adorable memories are a walk and conversation with Swamirama along the Ganges at the foot of the Himalayas. He held my hand and guided me through the subtle principles and practices of yoga, as practiced by our Himalayan meditation tradition. For over 20 years, I have helped convey these principles and practices. These are highlighted here in this course. It is widely said that a teacher will appear when the students are ready. Putting this together is, for me, an act of gratitude and love for Swami Lama that has appeared in my life, and a gift to you.

I hope this course will give you a lot of "thinking food" about yoga and spiritual life. Use these readings as a ponder, reflecting the principles in your own words. Second, insights allow you to lead to quiet, silent inner meditation. May your meditation bring you peace, happiness, and bliss.

It was a lot of fun to put this together. For those who enjoy this offering, I ...

In affectionate service

Swami Jnaneshvara (Swami J)

Yoga is a whole life insurance. Although each of our courses has an individual focus, it is closely related to other courses as one process of yoga. There are currently 11 online courses published through Udemy. Swami Jnaneshvara is the presenter and the language is English.

Abhyasa Ashram is a place of mind, not a physical place. The feel of an internal monastery and yoga meditation center that practices universal meditation and contemplation, as taught by the ancient tradition of Yogi in the Himalayan cave monastery, especially as conveyed through the Swami Rama lineage. I have. Although this tradition has no name and has nothing to do with the institutions and religions of the Indian plains and the other countries surrounding the Himalayas, individual meditators can personally work with different religions and institutions. This tradition is sometimes referred to as the "Himalayan Master Tradition" or "Himalayan Tradition", but this is for convenience only and is not a popular style or brand name these days.

Our methods of meditation and contemplation include systematic awareness of all levels of our being, including behavior / sensation, body, breathing, and mind, and ultimately the universal self (Brahman). ) And rest in the recognition of the self (Artman). Our approach is an ambitious training approach, not a teacher training. Since yoga meditation and contemplation have been traditionally taught for thousands of years, our approach to training is primarily individual or group coaching. Applicants with varying degrees of experience naturally teach others in the context of their lives and methods of service.

From the perspective of our meditation tradition, each one is the perfect and pure consciousness (Artman, Purusha, Shakti) at the heart of her or his being. The whole process of yoga sadana (meditation and contemplation practice) is to reduce the color of charm, disgust, and fear that usually obscures its realization (often called self-actualization). This is done by systematically retreating inward through the senses, body, breathing, conscious and unconscious minds. The final barrier is removed by the transmission of grace known as Shakti Pata, which bestows Shakti's pure consciousness. Guru Kuripa, also known as the blessing of gurus. In our tradition, the Guru is a place of power of consciousness, not anyone, but the grace of the Guru can flow through people.

In Abhyasa Ashram, the word "yoga" is used in its traditional sense, not just in the revisionist sense of yoga as a gymnastics or fitness program. Yoga means the "union" of individual and universal consciousness, Atman and Brahman, Jivatman and Paramatman, and Shiva and Shakti. It is a pure consciousness (Purusha) independent of the original manifestation (Prakriti).

Yoga is traditionally taught, practiced and learned through close relationships in a community of noble friends known as good knowledge. Guru is a flow of knowledge of direct experience, which may work through humans, but is not human in itself. Some participants in the ashram activity have a theistic (God) orientation, while others have a nontheistic orientation, although we appear to be virtually dualistic but non-theistic. I have an intuition that there is only one absolute reality of dualism (Advaita Vedanta). >

Our aim is to share with those who are interested in the principles and practices of the Himalayan Master, including traditional yoga meditation, Vedanta, and internal meditative tantras. Our meditation and contemplation community is dedicated to serving those who deeply desire the experience of a direct connection with the eternal center of pure consciousness. Something with the sea. One word of the union is "yoga".

The word "Abyasa" means "practice". Abhyasa deliberately chooses to lead to "sthitau", a stable, stable, undisturbed inner tranquility or tranquility. Abyasa, along with Bairaga, is one of the foundations of yoga twins, a non-attached spiritual stance (Yoga Sutra 1.12-1.16). The etymology of the word ashram is "shrama", which means "effort" or "effort". Swamis and other hermitages, homes, or training centers that serve people towards inner peace and awakening of consciousness are often referred to as ashrams. Therefore, our community of meditation, contemplation and learning is known as Abhyasa Ashram. More than any physical place, it is really a place of mind, a sanctuary inside silence. Therefore, the ideal ashram is your own home.

In affectionate service

Swami Jnaneshvara (Swamiji 、 Swami J 、 Baba)

Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati was born in Ohio, USA in 1948, spent most of her youth in Florida, and then lived in several other states, including California, Illinois, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Texas. .. His education includes a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Consciousness from Florida State University and an emphasis on transpersonal psychology at John F. Kennedy University in California. He previously engaged in advertising, retail store management, counseling, and psychiatric social work. He has never been married and has no children.

Swami Rama, who has been voluntarily practicing meditation and other yoga since childhood, has been in the Himalayas since Swami Rama began meditation in 1986 (until the day before Swami Rama left her body). A student of the tradition of yoga meditation. .. A few months later, he met Pandit Usharbud Ariya. Through it, supplementary training was sometimes given over the next few years. Swami Janeshbara was given the spirit of a novice monk in 1990, was relegated to the Himalayan tradition and Shankaracharya monk (Swami) by Swami Rama in 1993, and in 1996 the best yoga experience in person. Given one of the imprints of. Teachings and instructions taught just before Swamirama left the body in November 1996.

In 1998 and 1999, Swami Janeshbara was trained, practiced, and blessed by the revered sage Nagaswami Hanumangiri at the High Himalayan Cave beyond Badrinath and Mana (). He left the body in 2002). In 1999, the initiation as Dandiswami (the most prestigious Swami initiation in the Shankara tradition bestowed by Danda or staff) was on the banks of the Ganges in Haridwar, India, where Dandy's highly respected Acharya ( Given by the teacher). Swamis, Acharya Dandi Swami Indradev Ashram In 2000, the Karimas sage Vratti Baba, the Himalayas, delivered his first communication when he dropped his body (Vratti Baba was a longtime friend of Swami Rama). He was a spiritual brother). Swami Jnaneshvara was also invited to start as Mahamandaleshwar, which is said to be one of the highest leadership positions in the Swami Order. The invitation was rejected in honor of you to stay focused on your service work.

From 1996 to 2012, Swami Janeshbara promoted a one-month retreat at Swami Rama's Rishikesh in Ashram, India. Now he lives in his Abhyasa Ashram in Florida, USA, and his trips are much less than ever. He has a great presence in spreading traditional yoga practices through the internet while servicing a small number of visitors to the ashram.

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  • This course will be especially enjoyable and useful for those with some familiarity with Swami Rama and his Himalayan tradition.
  • If you are searching for the deeper meaning and practice of Yoga, you may quite like this course.
  • Everyone with any interest in Yoga should enroll in this course.

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