IMGspider – 图片采集抓取插件 WordPress Plugin Download Free

IMGspider – 图片采集抓取插件 WordPress Plugin Download Free

Free IMGspider – 图片采集抓取插件 WP Plugin Download

IMGspider(图片蜘蛛)是一款用于WordPress文章图片抓取的WordPress插件,支持JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF等常见图片爬取下载,实现一键抓取文章内容所有引用图片到本地服务器。

Pro版本是在原有的IMGspider图片采集插件基础上,进行全新的功能 …

ImgSpider is a WordPress plug-in for WordPress articles. The plug-in helps to raise images outside the site with the content of the reprint article in the article, helps to increase the image outside the site, and significantly improve the work efficiency of WebMaster and ImgSpider, as it is necessary to manually download it one by one. I can. Image acquisition plug-ins support two modes of automatic and manual sets to support proxy server acquisition. A new version is added to the collection options, filtering, watermarking, and global scan options, and further enhances the image acquisition function.

WordPress IMGspider – 图片采集抓取插件 Plugin Version is 2.2.0.

IMGspider – 图片采集抓取插件 Plugin last modified on 02/24/2022.

IMGspider – 图片采集抓取插件 WordPress Plugin has 5 Rating out of 5.

IMGspider – 图片采集抓取插件 WP Plugin is Free to Download.

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