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IL RITORNO DELLO SCIAMANISMO Course Creato da Enrica Tedeschi.

IL RITORNO DELLO SCIAMANISMO has 4.3 rating out of 5 based on 132 students. Currently this course has 325 studenti. Course langwage is Italiano.


You will discover what and how it works, an unusual state of consciousness that allows shamanic practitioners to travel through the "world". On this subject, you can learn the theories of the most authoritative psychologists, models of Western neo-shamanism and core shamanism, and experience firsthand the basic shamanism journey.

If you are a sociology or anthropology student or researcher, you will master the phenomenological methodology of intercultural dialogue and listening that will make working in the field flexible and enjoyable.

Welcome to my space!

I have been teaching social sciences for over 40 years in various public and private universities both in Italy and abroad. Now I am dedicated to e-learning, the educational tool of the future.

New technology allows teachers and students to build/enjoy online courses in a comfortable and easy way to suit their tastes and rhythms. For this reason, my new cultural mission is to propose an applied model. Social science with a holistic perspective that does not neglect the emotional and spiritual components of social life.

I will try to answer this question: How is it possible to acquire functional skills for social life by strengthening our inner consciousness with an approach that gives energy and spiritual power to our actions in the world?

This is today's challenge.

I intercepted this need in college classrooms and passed on concepts and theories, models and analyzes to students (thousands over time). But I always felt that I lacked a deeper relationship with them and a more subtle communication that was also a spiritual conversation.

I don't deny that I've succeeded at times, but I certainly haven't succeeded in a systematic, planned and designed way. If it happened, it happened by luck and coincidence. Basically by chance.

In practice, academic education is primarily theoretical. This is necessary, since it is impossible to develop an action tool without theoretical knowledge of the phenomenon. However, academic education always leaves the applicability of one's knowledge to the future.

On the other hand, I believe it is very important to move from theory to practice. Science is at our disposal the means in our daily life, the context in which we are involved (family, work, personal study or leisure).

It's not just science. Theory is important to understanding society, but we need to find practical ways to change circumstances, fight the wrong, and support and integrate what's already working well. It is impossible without deep and spiritual intentions.

Society has rules, rhythms, and traps.

My courses are designed to help you acquire the social and spiritual skills you need to best meet the challenges of today.

Learning about the mechanisms and mechanisms regulating social behavior and having an effective and sharp key to interacting with others will save you valuable time. You will get satisfaction.

Today's task is as follows.

- Quickly recognize the context and the rules that characterize it

- Acquire language meaning and belief systems quickly

- Quick Launch and Interaction Strategies

- Slow to do the right thing at the right time

- Slow to search our inner world for answers to all our questions

- Slow to pay attention to the process and deal with it without being overwhelmed by it.

By attending my course, you will be able to:

- Learn dexterity and easy-to-move social mechanisms, even in the most complex situations.

- Identification of communication codes for autonomous and complete management of communication relationships

- Empower your inner guides and teachers by developing your inner self.

I will do my best to give you all the tools you need to gain a proper knowledge of the modern complexities you are immersed in, and to manage the challenges of the future with proven and powerful equipment.

Happy surfing!

My resume

He holds a PhD in theoretical and social studies and has taught sociology and communication for many years at several Italian universities (three years, master's and doctoral programs). Since 1997, I have taught sociology of intercultural relations at the University of Rome Tre. I am currently an Inter-College Masters (Universities of Tor Vergata, La Sapienza and Roma Tre) Sociology: Theory, Methodology, Research Lecturer.

I am the author of numerous sociology science essays (listed on academic websites and Linkedin).

I have done ethnographic research in the field of sociology of religion. (New Religion Movement in the 20th Century), Media and Cultural Industries (Novel and Music), Grounded Theory and Methodology Related to the Use of NVivo Software

I am a total quality management consultant and company quality assessor (ISO9000 and above).

Personal Profile

I have been practicing Vedanta meditation since 1994 with Laura Boggio Gilot (Italian Association for Transpersonal Psychology) following the teachings of Raphael (Vidya). For many years, I have been conducting scientific and personal research in what anthropologists define as "the awakening of western shamanism". This study focuses on the different routes of transmission of shamanistic techniques in Europe, including core shamanism, so-called urban shamanism, post-shamanism, and female shamanism.


  • Persone interessate a conoscere se stesse nel profondo e a contattare il loro potere interiore
  • Studenti o appassionati di sociologia, psicologia, antropologia
  • Persone interessate alle culture antiche o native dei popoli indigeni
  • Persone interessate alle dinamiche degli stati non ordinari di coscienza
  • Studenti e ricercatori che intendono affinare competenze etnografiche con il metodo fenomenologico

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