Huger – Mega Menu for Elementor

Huger – Mega Menu for Elementor Description

Huger is a megamenu WordPress plugin for Elementor to get highly customizable navigation on any part of the page. The plugin has simple, flexible settings for creating clear, useful and extensive menus for different sites so that users can find all the important information faster.

Plugins allow you to use Elementor templates as sources. That is, the menu can contain any type of content. In addition to the usual list of item titles, you can get the required structure of menu elements, including images, videos, interactive elements, search bars, or anything else you need. Add widgets and shortcodes to the megamenu block. This is an easy way to get horizontal or vertical with just a few clicks. Order main menu items directly from the Elementor Editor.

Set multi-level menus with flexible settings for each level, apply animations, and use offset options to adjust the display position. Responsiveness settings allow you to manage the navigation display of different devices. Select the toggle icon in the mobile menu to specify its position and add a menu background to customize other options. Everything you need to create a user-friendly and unique mobile, tablet, or desktop megamenu for your website.

We have found it easy to get started with Huger. With the plugin, you can get 5 unique stylized and easy-to-use templates. These are just a few examples that can give you inspiration for creating styles. Quick start is possible with just a few clicks.

Detailed styling of each megamenu element will help you get the results you want. You can manage size, typography, colors, backgrounds, borders, submenu offsets, closed toggle styles and more. You can usually apply different styles to the states of different menu items, such as hover and active.

Huger for Elementor is very compatible with all modern browsers. It doesn't matter which browser user, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, or Edge, views your site. Everything looks great on all devices and all browsers.

It only takes a few seconds to install the plugin. Also, no additional settings are required. The plugin will work immediately after installation. All you have to do is install it in WordPress and activate it. For more information on features and settings Online documentation ..

Huger – Mega Menu for Elementor

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