How to Start an Online Businesses as a Videographer

How to Start an Online Businesses as a Videographer

How to Start an Online Businesses as a Videographer Udemy Course

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How to Start an Online Businesses as a Videographer Course Created by Greg Hung.

How to Start an Online Businesses as a Videographer has 4.2 rating out of 5 based on 24 students. Currently this course has 665 students. Course langwage is English.

How to Start an Online Businesses as a Videographer Course Description

This course will share your practical knowledge of how to start an online video business with a camera using video footage, video technology, and a laptop. If you are more business-savvy and interested in becoming a business-minded videographer and photographer, then this course is for you. This course will be especially appealing to aspiring travel videographers and photographers.

We provide knowledge and blueprints to help you get paid freelance customers and business models to gain passive income. I will help you combine artistic and technical skills with the business skills you need to compete. We'll cover everything from pre-sales, negotiation, invoicing, to actual delivery of customer videos. A hands-on course covering real-world tools, platforms, and tools that will help you be competitive as a videographer.

As an example, I'll explain why you need a website so that customers can find you on internet search engines like Google, and guide you behind the scenes how to set up your website. I will share with you various online business platforms such as Gumroad, which I use my skills as a videographer to create and sell digital products.

Another key focus is building a business while living in other destinations like Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is also known as the concept of geo-arbritage, introduced by Tim Ferris in his book, the four-hour shift. Running geo-arbitrage lets you do your online business anywhere, but especially if you're starting from scratch, especially in Vancouver, New York or London. Working abroad in a destination like Chiang Mai, Thailand offers several advantages.

Chiang Mai Thailand has become one of the most popular places in the world where other like-minded online entrepreneurs (digital nomads) are based and offers a high standard of living with low cost, warm weather, great internet and cafes. . Collaborative space infrastructure and culture.

This course addresses essential questions such as how to find a place to stay, meet people, where to work, and how to communicate.

I understand that you may not be aware of this, as the digital nomad lifestyle has only emerged in the last few years with advances in laptops, internet speeds, and a growing community. That's why we've included a separate section with essential living guides to help you prepare and get started in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It covers basics like where you live, meeting people, contacting them, and the price of an apartment.

I made the mistake of starting my own business in Vancouver from my apartment. I should have come to Chiang Mai, Thailand to work with like-minded people. Starting a business is a lot more fun and even more meaningful if you learn from people doing similar things in a unique environment like Chiang Mai. We hope to see you at the start of your entrepreneurial journey.

If you have a passion and talent for video production and want to enjoy the freedom of time and place, our course will help you. I have been following this path since 2013 and my courses are designed to share my knowledge.

My passions are travel, video, business and living a free lifestyle. I left an IT company in Vancouver, Canada after 13 years to pursue my passion. I left for Taiwan to start a video production business from scratch. I discovered the digital nomad movement in Thailand and hone my creativity and business skills.

Improve your creativity

If you want to improve your video creation and editing skills so that you can create amazing videos for clients of your social media followers using cameras such as drones, mirrorless cameras, SLR cameras, gopros, gimbals, etc.' Enjoy.

Improve business skills for creativity

We will market your skills and provide you with business and marketing skills to work with customers. We will also share business models and specific courses that will help you monetize your technology and video assets.

Travel and freestyle

I have been living abroad in Asia since 2013 and starting my business full-time in 2014. Share your experiences with lifestyle design and living guides in popular residential areas like Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and Bali. , and more. We can also help you be more productive as a videographer wherever you are.

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