How to Outline Your Romance Novel - Fast!

How to Outline Your Romance Novel - Fast!

How to Outline Your Romance Novel - Fast! Udemy Course

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How to Outline Your Romance Novel - Fast! Course Created by Nina Harrington.

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How to Outline Your Romance Novel - Fast! Course Description

In the modern publishing world, successful fiction writers need to be more productive and prolific than ever before.

As a full-time writer, I know how easy it is to be distracted and confused by all the different story structure elements that need to be placed to create a powerful romance.

I know what happens when a problem occurs and I don't think the story is working. You lose momentum. You lose interest. You stop and move on to the next shiny one that is not contaminated with a sense of frustration and failure.

But here is the secret.

If you are planning to write a new romance story, all you need to focus on is the character and how the character changes in the process of romance as a result of the relationship.

That's right. Forget about the structure of standard screenwriting and focus on the heart of the romance novel – their journey to fall in love with two characters. That's what makes your story unique and compelling.

Advanced story crafting techniques are very useful in the editing and revision stages when shaping a story for the reader, but not here. This first draft is for you!

Instead, use the power of character arcs and emotional conflict to create a simple and effective emotional story map of a romance novel.

When you write romance, your characters come alive on the page and reveal their true personality through what they say and do, but you put those characters on the page and each other If you can't interact, you'll never know – fast!

Find a way to draw an overview of a romance novel faster than you think, without knowing anything about the structure of the story.

This is the exact process used to create the award-winning romance novel.

This is what I cover:

Emotional Story Map: How to use the Romance Story Map to create the first chapter of a novel in less than an hour.

Perfect for intuitive writers: Use this 6-step story development process to never get lost again. However, you have the freedom to detour and fully accommodate where the character took you. You can finish this romance-and love the writing process.

Case study: Track the evolution of contemporary romance stories, from ideas to finished scripts.

About Nina Harrington

NINA HARRINGTON is an award-winning romance and bestseller as a non-fiction writer, speaker, presenter and blogger.

More than 1.6 million copies of Nina's books are sold in 28 countries and translated into 23 languages.

Nina was trained as an industrial scientist, and after several years of professional lectures and technical writing at the university, she began her new career as a full-time author.

Nina founded Prolific Author to share what she learned in publishing, storycraft, and life as a writer entrepreneur, making informed choices and decisions about the best publishing model for her book. I made it possible.

For more information on Nina, please visit her website.

Enjoy the course!

How to Outline Your Romance Novel - Fast! Course for

  • This course is meant for anyone who has a compelling idea for romance story but know very little about story structure.

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