How to Build Your Own Online Business Through Amazon

How to Build Your Own Online Business Through Amazon

How to Build Your Own Online Business Through Amazon Udemy Course

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How to Build Your Own Online Business Through Amazon Course Created by Dan and Peter Titan.

How to Build Your Own Online Business Through Amazon has 5.0 rating out of 5 based on 1 students. Currently this course has 21 students. Course langwage is English.

How to Build Your Own Online Business Through Amazon Course Description

Course description

This course aims to create, publish, and sell books on Kindle, Createspace, and ACX to become a best-selling author on all Amazon platforms.

Learn what it takes to reach as many people as possible, increase sales, and earn a stable and passive income as an author.

Successful creation and sale of ebooks on Amazon Kindle

Learn a simple system for writing an entire book within a week.

Find talented and affordable designers and editors

Understand how to price and promote books

Manage your finances and reduce costs

Create an effective marketing plan

Learn strategies for creating, publishing and marketing your own ebooks

In this course, you will learn a system that will help you write a book within a week by overcoming writer's block and establishing or outsourcing routines to realize your creative ideas. Expert.

In addition to writing tips, you will also learn how to save money on cover design, professional editing and formatting of books on Kindle, Createspace and ACX.

You'll also have access to key strategies to get as many people as possible to download your eBook, as well as marketing tips to help you make money in the form of passive loyalty.

What are the requirements?

Computer with word processor and internet

What are you going to get from this course?

Over 100 lectures consisting of text and video

Learn how to write a book and publish it on your Kindle, Createspace, ACX

Learn how to format and publish ebooks for Kindle, Createspace, ACX

Become Amazon's bestseller with KDP Select Free Promotional Marketing System

Learn how to create a passive long-term business as a vanity press author

What is your target audience?

Wanted なWriter


New and amateur writers

Writers looking for additional income

Authors with unpublished manuscripts

Authors who have published books and want to sell more books on Amazon

Overview of course structure

1. Setup

2. Survey process

3. Creating content

4. What to do while working on the lighter

5. What to do when the content comes back

6. Publication of books

7. # 1 Best-selling launch process

8. Keep killing on your Kindle

Dan and Peter have been entrepreneurs and publishers of Amazon Kindle, Createspace, and ACX since 2009.

They have over 10 years of experience in marketing, promotion and business.

Peter stays on barley on his friend's couch and earns more than $ 10,000 a month by publishing books on Kindle, Createspace, and ACX. Peter first heard about the Kindle in 2009 and started working steadily.

Peter has used his many years of marketing, promotion and business experience to create a passive, oiled publishing business without writing a book. Peter is passionate about education / coaching and helped his friends get the publishing business off the ground.

Dan has been involved in various business acquisitions in retail, services, and the web. In the end, Dans wanted to reduce his presence in his business and was looking for something more passive. He began his research on the Kindle and took the plunge by outsourcing his first book to become the number one seller on the Kindle.

Dan and Peter met at the publishing forum that day and started a partnership, deciding that combining business and growth ideas could both benefit.

In 2015, Dan and Peter decided to share their wisdom with the Udemy community and create a Kindle cash flow system.

Currently, Peter lives with his wife and daughter in Dan, England and California, enjoying the fruits of their work and earning consistent royalties from the Kindle, Createspace, and ACX publishing businesses. increase.

How to Build Your Own Online Business Through Amazon Course for

  • People who want a home based business
  • People who are looking for extra income
  • People who are tired of the rat race

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