How To Build Mobile App Without Programming - Build 14 Apps!

How To Build Mobile App Without Programming - Build 14 Apps!

How To Build Mobile App Without Programming - Build 14 Apps! Udemy Course

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How To Build Mobile App Without Programming - Build 14 Apps! Course Created by Jason Low.

How To Build Mobile App Without Programming - Build 14 Apps! has 3.6 rating out of 5 based on 506 students. Currently this course has 34,719 students. Course langwage is English.

How To Build Mobile App Without Programming - Build 14 Apps! Course Description

[What is the course content? ]

This course aims to build mobile apps without programming or coding skills. Learn how to quickly create 14 mobile apps.

[Shortcut for creating mobile apps]

Are you in a hurry to build your first mobile app, or do you want to build more apps to expand your mobile app empire? Then this course is for you!

This course is complex and simple so that you can get a good idea of ​​virtually everything about mobile app development. If you have basic usage of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint, studying this course is not a burden to you.

The course includes materials for the Consis course to help you quickly understand what mobile app development is all about. If you're learning fast, you can build a mobile app with a variety of features in just a few hours.

Forget to learn a programming language that is boring and difficult to understand. If you have a day-to-day job, or maybe you are still studying, learning a programming language can overwhelm you. To fully master a programming language, you need to concentrate. After a day of work or studying all day, you may already be tired.

No more worries. The shortcut to the success of mobile apps has been created here!

[What kind of mobile apps can I create? ]

Music plays an important role in our lives. Sometimes it reduces our stress. It cheers us up. It brings us joy. With just a few clicks, you can create an audio app. You can integrate audio into your app. Make sure you are using royalty-free music!

The real estate industry has never come to an end. And if you're a realtor or broker, it's time to create an app for your potential buyer. They need this calculator out of the box from their smartphones. Integrating this feature into your mobile app will increase your chances of closing a deal.

Doesn't anyone remind you of an important date? Do you tend to forget about anniversary events? No worries. Simply integrate the countdown timer app into your mobile app and you'll be able to solve the problem.

Every day, billions of emails are sent from the server. Marketing using email is no longer uncommon. All business owners need to have a system that pleases their customers. This is a convenient way to get in touch with any inquiries. To remove communication barriers, simply integrate your email marketing app into your mobile app.

Facebook Inc. needs its own reason to buy WhatsApp and build its own messenger. There is no doubt that messenger is an important tool for connecting us all. Well, we have good news for you! With just a few clicks, you can create your own messenger app. App users can send text messages to other users simply by logging in to their Google or Facebook account. To make the discussion more attractive, each user receives a push notification so that they don't miss a hot discussion. Does the mobile app have a dedicated function? Just integrate the messenger app into your mobile app!

Are there any valuable content or gifts you would like to share with your app users? Inviting potential app users to download your app has never been easier. You can ask your customers to play the Slot Machine app to unlock your secret page. Simply integrate the slot machine app to make your app fun.

Are you dreaming of having a recording function in your mobile app? I won't look any further. Just give it a try and you'll be amazed at its simplicity and flexibility. In addition to recording audio, you can also save it in an organized way.

Want to make it easier for your customers to find your location or place of business? With just a simple standardized link, you can insert it into your GPS app to let your customers know the exact location of your location or place of business. Competitors can use painting tools to show off their maps, but you can integrate your GPS app into your mobile app in just minutes.

Photos are equal to memories. You can integrate your photo sharing app into your mobile app by designing your own stickers. You can create countless stickers and insert them into your mobile app. A share button is also provided to allow app users to share their photos on various social media platforms.

Do you have great content and want to share it with the world? Or do you already have content in your Microsoft Word file and need to change it to a PDF file? please do not worry. With the converted PDF, you can create your own e-book app within minutes. You can also customize the ebook app. Add buttons, links and images to your eBooks app. In addition, you can create a professional-looking table of contents for your eBook app. cool!

Is it troublesome to write the contents? Do you have great content? You can choose to add news feed content to your mobile app from other websites. Share these great content to your app users without writing anything. All you have to do is apply some code to the link and it's all set. Users of your app will be very happy.

Do you have a dream of creating your first game app? Simply select eight different images from our royalty-free graphics website and you'll be able to create a memory gaming app in minutes. Kids will love your game!

This is the "killer weapon". With a large number of app downloads, you can send push notifications to app users for free in minutes. Studies have shown that the open rate of push notifications from apps is much higher than emails sent from servers. What are you looking for? Just integrate the push notification app into your mobile app!

* We will also show you how to send push notifications to over 400,000 devices around the world!

Take advantage of this new technology. Geo-fence is a great tool to take advantage of. Take your company's sales to a new level. The mechanism of geo-fencing is as follows. When potential customers approach your facility (within the designated area you've set up), push notifications are automatically sent to your device to let them know they're near your business facility. Therefore, using this high-tech feature will increase your chances of closing a transaction or sale. In other words, you have an unfair competitive advantage!

[Social Media Integration-A Don't Miss "Weapon"! ]

This is a fact. Over a billion people use Facebook every day. If you want to grow or reach your business, you need to integrate Facebook into your mobile app. However, some app developers do not include the Facebook API when creating mobile apps. This is probably because you don't know how to create the Facebook app correctly.

You can avoid these difficulties by studying this course. We will teach you how to create a Facebook app correctly. Another caveat is the problem faced by many novice developers. They don't know how to bypass the link from the mobile app web page to the mobile app (such as Android). Potential users may need to log in to Google immediately after tapping the Install button at the link on the mobile app's web page. This is a barrier for potential app users and only reduces mobile app download rates. Nevertheless, we have a solution for that! In addition, we'll show you how you shouldn't use both TinyURL and GoogleURLShortener.

[The secret of mobile app monetization revealed]

Do you know how to integrate the Google Admob Software Development Kit (SDK) with other Advertising Network SDKs? Forget those long steps. We have already solved it for you! Yes, you don't have to touch those codes! These SDKs are already integrated.

I think that productivity will be improved by organizing the works. For this reason, Microsoft Excel files are included for free. In addition to offering this free stuff, we will also teach you how to take precautions to protect your advertising account from being banned by the advertising network.

[Mobile App Analysis]

Success is not easy. Therefore, I will explain how to track the activity of the mobile app. This allows you to find weaknesses, tweak them, and improve them. Here's how to use Google Analytics to analyze mobile app activity. There is no integration of Google Analytics SDK!

[Adobe Photoshop + Adobe Illustrator-Compact Lecture! ]

Want to master Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator in just 20 minutes? Don't waste your time learning those long graphic design courses! Yes, you can master these software skills in just 20 minutes. Let others do the graphic design work. This is what you are doing-download cool graphics from royalty-free graphics sites and edit them to make them your own.

[Mobile App Icon Design Tool-Free! ]

Many novice developers (or experienced developers) are unaware of the existence of online tools that can help you be more productive in your app creation. This is what you do-create a high resolution icon only once. Then load that image and adjust some settings and booms! There are mobile app icons of various sizes-in just a few seconds! It's like David Copperfield doing a mobile app ...

[Mobile App Development-Final Stage]

When you are satisfied with the mobile app's user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), export the binary. The binary export process is very simple. With just a few clicks and a few minutes, you can upload your binaries to different mobile app stores.

If you register for this course, you can take another course for free. How to deploy a mobile app to multiple mobile app stores. This is special to you-it's free!

All course learning materials will give you a strong knowledge of how to create mobile apps without programming skills.

Jason has been an Android app developer since developing mobile apps on the Google Play Store in 2011. His passion for mobile apps leads to sticking to creating higher quality mobile apps. To date, he has been actively teaching beginner level students to create business apps and simple game apps in addition to creating game apps. For gaming apps, Jason has accumulated over 2 million mobile app downloads on the Google Play store today, and that number is still counted. Initially, the game app is of poor quality. But after the countless tweaks, trajectories, and errors he's experienced, he's improved the overall quality of app creation, including app icons, screenshots, descriptions, and app marketing. He has been involved in the emergence of mobile apps on the Appstore and is helping to roll out apps to a variety of mobile app stores (Amazon App Store, Opera Mobile Store, Samsung GALAXY Apps Store). The reason was simple, help those students make more money!

To further expand the application business, Jason challenged another extensible business, the app skin change. Currently, in addition to changing the skin of the app himself, he plans to write source code for students to change the skin. Jason's mission is to create high quality mobile app related courses that can help non-students and non-programmers to excel in the industry.

How To Build Mobile App Without Programming - Build 14 Apps! Course for

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