Historia y Arte: Los Grandes Pintores del Barroco

Historia y Arte: Los Grandes Pintores del Barroco

Historia y Arte: Los Grandes Pintores del Barroco Udemy Course

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Historia y Arte: Los Grandes Pintores del Barroco Course Created by Alejandra Acuña.

Historia y Arte: Los Grandes Pintores del Barroco has 4.6 rating out of 5 based on 99 students. Currently this course has 391 students. Course langwage is Spanish.

Historia y Arte: Los Grandes Pintores del Barroco Course Description

The best reviews of this course are:

"I really enjoyed this course. The instructor does an in-depth analysis of each painting and also includes external sources to better understand the work and the artist." Marcela Barona.

"Instructive and exemplary." Isaiah Chavez.

Why did you enroll in this course?

Currently, interest in art is growing. Over the years, we have come to believe that it is the privilege of the few to go to art galleries to observe works of art and to understand the ideas captured by artists. Only scholars and wise men had that privilege. Through this course you will show us that we just need to be curious and eager to learn, and that art is for everyone and necessary for the upbringing of fully human beings.

The purpose and structure of this course is as follows.

A study of the history of baroque art

Discover symbolism and meaning by analyzing the most impressive works of Baroque artists.

What kind of material is included?

With downloadable instructional videos, images and supporting materials, this course is the perfect guide for students, self-taught or anyone who wants to document a topic and see art with a different eye.

The goal of this course is to continuously update and add information of interest.


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Discover the magic of art

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I have been teaching at a multidisciplinary level for 15 years, educating children, youth and adults in a variety of areas of knowledge, always improving the unique abilities of each individual. I received my academic training at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV).

I understand that learning should be linked to the enjoyment and intent of learning, facilitated by a teacher or instructor that creates a desire to continue. The only way to know if you have learned a lesson is whether you can effectively teach it to others. That's why my process aims to reach each person in a simple, clear, fun and practical way. It's for my work rather than my words about myself, so you can see it through the preview classes of each course I teach.

Wake up the joy of creative expression and knowledge is the most important thing for teachers to say goodbye to. Albert Einstein


Art professor with over 15 years of experience, I started developing a taste for fine arts while studying chemistry in undergraduate school. I discovered my true passion for art while painting as a hobby to balance my life. Now I spend a lot of time learning about art as much as I can. My personal belief is that it doesn't matter which field you are good at. Whether you are a person dedicated to caring for and maintaining a home or a high-performance sportsman, subjects such as the humanities and practice of some passive and/or intellectual activities are necessary for full human development. Studying the history of our society and the way artists have shaped the world around us seems fascinating to me. This is why I became an instructor at Udemy. I have a desire to learn.

Historia y Arte: Los Grandes Pintores del Barroco Course for

  • Este curso va dirigido al público general que desee documentarse sobre la Historia del arte en el Barroco
  • Este curso va dirigido a aquellas personas que deseen refrescar sus conocimientos sobre la Historia del Arte en el Barroco y actualizarse sobre los nuevos descubrimientos de las obras más destacadas
  • A todos aquellos curiosos que desean comprender un poco más de los posibles significados de algunas de las pinturas más significativas de los artistas del barroco
  • Probablemente este curso no sea para ti, si ya eres un estudioso y experto del tema.

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