Hacking Éthique : Le Cours Complet

Hacking Éthique : Le Cours Complet

Hacking Éthique : Le Cours Complet Udemy Course

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Hacking Éthique : Le Cours Complet Course Créé par Michel Kartner, Cyberini Formations.

Hacking Éthique : Le Cours Complet has 4.5 rating out of 5 based on 7441 students. Currently this course has 33 810 participants. Course langwage is Français.

Hacking Éthique : Le Cours Complet Course Description

Welcome to this video course on ethical hacking!

In this course, you will learn many basic concepts of computer security.

The course is practical and interactive. You can practice enough on the system without breaking anything, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

This course covers the most popular cyberattacks to teach the basics of cybersecurity in the major IT domains (web, networks, systems, etc.). All comply with hacking laws and ethics.

Updated in 2022: Over 33,000 students are taking this course! Thanks a lot! You are officially on the page of the web's most popular French-speaking ethical hacking course. Updated for the event.

The course is divided into 12 sections:

1. Introduction

You will know what you will learn in this course and what you can do after learning.

2. Start with IT Security

You will learn the basics of computer security and what every ethical hacker needs to know.

3. Ethical Hacking: Basics and Lab Preparation

Create your own "test lab" using Kali Linux to use this process to fully legally test the tools you will use without breaking anything.

4. acknowledge

You will understand how the first step in best practice tests goes through various methods (Google Hacking, email addresses...etc) and tools (Maltego, whois, dns...etc). About...

5. Network and web scanning

You will learn how to find vulnerabilities in a service or website that is failing on your server. We use vulnerability scanners like Nikto and NMap to identify and protect against vulnerabilities.

6. Get access

Based on the information and vulnerabilities found in the previous step, you have discovered a way to access one of your computers. We will deduce realistic and effective safeguards.

7. Le social engineering

There are no secrets to human flaws anymore, and you will discover the main attacks that are aimed directly at you, and you will learn how to protect yourself from these attacks.

8. Web Vulnerabilities

Review the top 10 most popular web vulnerabilities. You will know how it works and how to fix it.

9. Network Vulnerabilities

Review the most popular network vulnerabilities and learn how to implement effective prevention and protection measures.

10. Malware

You'll discover the most popular "malware" (Trojans, keyloggers, backdoors, etc.) and learn how to defend yourself against them using a variety of anti-malware tools and methods.

11. Encryption and Steganography

You will learn the basic concepts of encryption and steganography. You'll probably have concepts for SSL/TLS, PGP, etc...

12. Conclusion and Prospect

You can get the latest tips on how to do well in this field, and you can get big discounts to buy more products that specialize in your chosen field.

What can I do after completing this course?

• System and website security

• Understand hacker methods and tools to defend yourself from hackers and avoid falling into a trap

• A better understanding of the capabilities of systems, networks, and computing in general.

• Create your own test lab to practice without interruption (Kali Linux)

• You can also reuse or teach the basics of computer security you have learned.

• Prepare for a job or study related to computer security

• Discover new worlds—the mysterious side of computing—and use your skills to help others or yourself.

This cybersecurity course is primarily aimed at beginners and insiders. At the end of each session, you will learn how to specifically detect and fix various vulnerabilities. There are also end-of-section quizzes and various additional resources to complement the videos.


Cyberini was founded in 2017 and specializes in ethical hacking, rated 4.6/5 on the subject of “quality of instruction” according to a Typeform survey of 100 students between March and December 2020. This is a training center.

Michel KARTNER is the founder of Cyberini.

I have been an Independent Cybersecurity Instructor since 2013 and have a Masters Degree in Computer Networks and Embedded Systems.

He has worked on both client and internal projects as a junior cybersecurity consultant for a large international company.

With over 40,000 students, the Cyberini curriculum is highly regarded for its practical aspects and can be used directly in daily and/or professional contexts. Technical support is included with all updates by default at no additional cost.

“Michel is not a hacker, but an ethical hacker who helps internet users protect themselves.”

— Investigation of additional programs dedicated to wiretapping – France 2

Important note:

- The systems, methodologies and programs cited in this course are for educational and preventive purposes only and are for personal use. All approvals have been obtained in advance and all necessary precautions have been taken to ensure legal learning is not at risk to others. However, you are responsible for checking all laws that apply to your situation and any rules or contracts in force, especially the service provider/host used. By participating in this course, you declare that you are solely responsible for your actions and the instructor is not responsible for any misuse of the course material.

In other words, this course is not for apprentice hackers who will be removed from the course if they don't get what they want and if they break these guidelines.

- This course is not affiliated with any other hacking course (Cyberini/Michel Kartner) that I am not the author of. Beware of copied or very similar content for which I cannot provide endorsements or support.

Lecture by Cyberini (Michel Kartner)

Credit image: Shutterstock.

A quick transition from a computer security consultant to an entrepreneur, Michel wants to share her knowledge so that as many people as possible can help protect themselves from cyber threats.

“Michel is not a hacker, but an ethical hacker who helps internet users protect themselves.”

— Further investigation - France 2

Learn all about cybersecurity:

• Become a truly versatile ethical hacker.

• Put yourself in the shoes of hackers and learn their methods, tools and how to defend yourself forever.

• Take your digital life (and career!) to the next level. So much to discover (no need to learn it in school)

• Learn the real way to defend yourself on the internet because no antivirus, update or system can guarantee anything!

Cyberini is a cybersecurity educational institution founded in 2017 that offers video training, some of which are also available on Udemy.

Le Blog Du Hacker is the premier public computer security blog with the following goals:

• To inform Internet users about (malicious) hacking techniques used to effectively defend themselves

• Avoid attacks before it's too late

• Popularize general computer science with beginners on a variety of topics such as anonymity, programming, the web, and more...

Since 2017, Cyberini has been working to build a safer digital world, teaching everyone essential digital road rules.

Cyberini is a cybersecurity training center created by Michel Kartner that aims to educate individuals and professionals on cybersecurity issues.

"As developers continue to develop better security measures to make it increasingly difficult to exploit technical vulnerabilities, attackers will increasingly turn to human exploits."

– Deception techniques by Kevin D. Mitnick (transitioning from hacker to security consultant)

Hacking Éthique : Le Cours Complet Course for

  • Toutes les personnes qui souhaitent améliorer leurs connaissances en sécurité informatique, soit pour travailler dans ce domaine, soit pour se protéger à la maison.
  • Les personnes travaillant dans l'informatique : développeurs, webmasters... ou même des professions moins techniques mais qui demandent d'utiliser l'informatique au quotidien.
  • Les personnes souhaitant apprendre comment les "virus" et les cyberattaques fonctionnent afin de les contrer.
  • Les personnes qui veulent SAVOIR ce qu'elles risquent sur Internet et être à jour dans ce domaine extrêmement important.
  • Les personnes qui veulent découvrir quelque chose d'aussi surprenant qu'utile tout simplement !

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