Grid tied PV systems حسابات الأنظمة الشمسية المتصلة بالشبكة

Grid tied PV systems حسابات الأنظمة الشمسية المتصلة بالشبكة

Grid tied PV systems حسابات الأنظمة الشمسية المتصلة بالشبكة Udemy Course

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Grid tied PV systems حسابات الأنظمة الشمسية المتصلة بالشبكة Course Created by الأكاديمية العربية للكهرباء والطاقة - دورات هندسة كهربائية - للمدرب م.فهد رفاعي.

Grid tied PV systems حسابات الأنظمة الشمسية المتصلة بالشبكة has 3.8 rating out of 5 based on 251 students. Currently this course has 1,390 students. Course langwage is Arabic.

Grid tied PV systems حسابات الأنظمة الشمسية المتصلة بالشبكة Course Description

Course Summary

This process is called a grid-connected solar system or

Grid system

In this course, you will learn free and available design tools to calculate the components and sizes of the solar system based on the customer's available space, budget, or maximum hours of sunlight for any location in the world.

This process uses a very important tool used by designers and companies to size the solar system for grid-connected systems. Administration is freely available on the Internet and does not require high experience for processing.

Facts about this process:

- This course has become a bestseller on Udemy.

- This course helped me a lot to pass the job exam.

- The course is presented in an interesting style and clear Arabic.

Eng. Fahd Rifai's course participants said:

The following are messages from some of the participants in my course. You can also see it in section.

Course review


Updated 2 years ago by Talal Mohammed Al-hadi

May God's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you. I just finished my course today and I understand everything. Glory to God. The course was very good and the way it was explained was easy to understand and simple.

Thank you so much, Brother Fahad

Ali saeed sultanUpdated 2 years ago

Simple and clear explanation

Updated 1 year ago by Ali Mohammed

Best solar energy course I've ever attended

Abdulrahman M. BalubaidUpdated 2 years ago

Great lecture backed by laws and pictures, and most importantly (summary), thank you

Updated 1 year ago by Abdullah Elsayed

The course is very good, useful and explains the basics of the subject.

Updated 1 year ago

by Eng.Mohammed Eissa Alatwi

The delivery and preparation methods are well done and narrow

Abdulrahman AlmazrouiUpdated 2 years ago

The introduction is well done and I hope this course will be very useful for everyone at the science level. Because we have covered all the points that trainees will face. I'll let you know my opinion after the process is over.

Abdulmalik Hosawi Posted 1 year

The subtraction method is very, very, very simple, information is easily accessible, and connects the subject with a physical reality such as water.

Abdulaziz Ayed AlsufariUpdated 1 year ago

I really enjoyed it and it's an excellent course for learning new skills.

Updated 1 year ago by Amr Abbas

Thanks to Coach Fahad for his outstanding performance and the way he presented knowledge and concepts about solar energy and PV systems.

Updated 2 years ago

by Osama Mohammed Aldosari

Thank you for the helpful lecture on how to design renewable energy and solar panels.

Mohamed omer updated 2 years ago

Honestly, this course is at the beginning of the road to a new curve in electrical energy.... I look forward to other advanced courses as well.

This course specializes in electricity and solar energy and is one of the first Arabic courses in Electrical Engineering in the Arab world. All courses have been rated at least 4 out of 5 participants since 2015.

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Substation process

Knowledge of various maintenance methods

Identify considerations and requirements for substation maintenance

Get to know the components and functions of the substation

* Identify the type of transformer and the most important maintenance procedures for the transformer

Transformer acceptance testing

*How to Identify and Maintain Types of Electrical Circuit Breakers

Measure transformers and protective devices

Batteries and use at transit stations

DC motor and generator cycle

Introduction to DC Electricity

Fundamentals of DC Machines and Knowledge of DC Machines

(DC generator)Type of DC generator

(DCmotor) Identifies the DC motor type

Basics dealing with the connection of any type of DC machine, be it generator or motor

Complex assembly of generator and engine

Armature Product Manufacturing - Armature

Type of product coil

Mathematics problems and generator and engine exercises

Calculating the efficiency and losses of generators and engines

Engine and generator power flow diagram

Students, technologists and electricians needing lots of concepts

Electrical Transformer Cycle

Subscribers get important details about power transformers used in transmission and distribution systems.

Calculating the appropriate electrical load for the transformer

How to connect transformer coil

Conditions for connecting transformers together

Protection system for transformer

Measuring system for transformer

How to cool the transformer

Efficiency of transformers and losses

Three-phase transformer

Voltage regulation of transformer

Transformer testing and maintenance

Focus on the most important interview questions at Transformers

Basics of solar cell systems

• Identify the most important sources of renewable and non-renewable energy for electricity generation.

• Understand the basic electrical concepts used in solar cells.

• Understand the basic principles of solar cells and the theoretical aspects of terminology.

Estimate and calculate the electrical load before knowing the size of the solar system.

• Sizing - the ability to mathematically design the solar system.

• Learn how to connect isolated solar systems. off grid

• Ability to connect solar systems and connect to charge regulators, batteries, inverters and loads

• Qualifications of trainees to participate in future advanced solar system courses

To date, more than 2,200 students and engineers have participated in this course.

Grid Solar System Calculation

Calculates the size of your grid-connected solar system based on your available budget.

Calculating the size of a grid-connected solar system based on available space

Education to produce solar panels anywhere in the world

Determine the maximum hours of sun in your area.

How to change solar system data and enter it into our free electronic system

Exposure to various factors that cause solar system loss

Specify specific areas for system installation via Google Maps

Determining the number of solar panels in the entire system

Home Electricity Basics

Familiarize yourself with general electrical concepts

Knowledge of power systems

Capacity Calculation and Knowledge of House Loads

Identify the connection from the counter to the drum

Approximate cutter and fuse selection calculations

How to read the bill and make sure it matches the meter

Global Description

Diesel stations and UPS systems

Emergency and Standby Power Systems

Emergency backup power switch and automatic system

Calculating Current for Electrical Load

Calculating proper current for ATS switch

Calculate proper capacity before purchasing generator

Various types of UPS

Power generation

At the end of this course, participants will understand how to generate electricity using traditional methods available in the world.

Introduction to Electrical Engineering

Let's find out what the electrical engineering major is.

What is the field of electrical engineering?

What are the most important biographical concepts the student will learn to specialize?

What are your future career opportunities

The degree of need for this specialization now and in the future

Guidelines and Tips for Successfully Selecting a Major, God's Will

Marketing for jobs and freelance

Most important skills not taught in college

General Guidelines for Electrical Engineer Job Search

How to set yourself apart and attract attention from other graduates

Marketing for engineers themselves

How to make money with skills without a job

Working as a freelance coach

Sell and monetize services

Use your Twitter account professionally

All courses are offered in Arabic only, while the scientific biography terminology is kept in English and translated at the same time.

Grid tied PV systems حسابات الأنظمة الشمسية المتصلة بالشبكة Course for

  • مناسبة للمهندسين والطلاب والمهتمين بالانظمة الشمسية
  • مناسبة للراغبين في تركيب انظمة شمسية في منازلهم
  • مناسبة لاصحاب المحلات المتخصصة في الكهرباء والطاقة الشمسية
  • مناسبة لكل طالب وطالبة لديه مشروع تخرج في الخلايا الشمسية

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