Fundraising Success: Board Engagement & Empowerment

Fundraising Success: Board Engagement & Empowerment

Fundraising Success: Board Engagement & Empowerment Udemy Course

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Fundraising Success: Board Engagement & Empowerment Course Created by Louanne Saraga Walters, MS HNFM, Liz Wooten-Reschke, MPA, CGT, CDTLF.

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Fundraising Success: Board Engagement & Empowerment Course Description

Are you struggling to get your non-profit board members interested in or involved in financing?

Does your board know that funding is something they should participate in?

Would you like to change it?

Empowering and engaging the board in the funding process is the way to do it.

This course discusses the importance of the Financing Committee in fulfilling the mission of the organization. This course includes a review of board roles and responsibilities, especially funding, and provides resources on why and how board members can raise funds. Discuss the time it will take for successful funding with the board and staff to assess current funding policies, levels of comfort, and readiness.

This course prepares the board for participation and explains how to lead funding activities, including education, involvement, and empowerment suggestions for all board members. It also includes opportunities to evaluate and celebrate the fundraising activities of the Board and discuss how to deal with potential conflicts of interest associated with fundraising and service on multiple Boards.

Experienced board members and staff responsible for funding efforts benefit from a comfortable discussion style and a wealth of resources to empower and engage the board. increase.

Lifelong learner Louanne is passionate about education. She is honored to have taught thousands of students over the last 30 years in a variety of disciplines such as video production, nutrition and health, social media, personal and spiritual growth, organizational management and finance. I am. She has a primary passion for helping people reach their full potential.

Louane also has over 30 years of experience in communication, education, finance and tourism.

* WellnessME.Life, a division of MyVideoVoice Productions, a full-fledged video production company owned by my wife Sharon, a nutritionist and wellness coach for Media & Education.

* TV news reporters / anchors from three NBC affiliates (KPOM, KRIS, KWQC) * Video programmer and cruise director at Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines (RCCL) * Financial advisor at Raymond James & Associates * Marketing & Director Community Foundation at Tampa Bay Communication at * Instructors for entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations * Co-producer and host of Philanthropy Show®, the Internet talk show program for My Video Voice Productions

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Education: B.A. Communication and Political Science at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas

M.S. Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine at Western States University, Portland, Oregon

Having served the nonprofit sector for over 20 years, Liz has held a variety of duties, including volunteering, financing, program staff, board members, and consultants to many nonprofits in Tampa Bay and the Key West community. I did. Florida, and the United States. Past staff positions include Girl Scouts in Midwest Florida, Tampa Bay's Nonprofit Leadership Center, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the Florida Holocaust Museum. She has been a proud member of the Funding Professionals Association, the Social Enterprise Alliance, the Young Nonprofit Professional Network, the Women's Voter League, the Daughters of the American Revolution, and Emage Tampa. She recently served as Chairman of the Founding Board of Nonprofit Consultants Connection, a membership association of peer consultants that promotes excellence in the field of nonprofit consulting. Liz also served as Executive Vice President of AreYouSafe, a non-profit organization that opposes domestic violence and provides free legal assistance to victims. She is a lifetime member of the USF Alumni Association and a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer.

Liz is currently President of Connectivity Community Consulting, Inc., which primarily works with nonprofits in the Tampa Bay community. As a lead consultant, she works with clients for strategic consulting in a variety of areas, including non-profit capacity and community building, organizational development, charitable advice, training and workshop facilitation, coaching and mentoring. I am creating a solution. She provides training on topics such as board governance best practices, next-generation non-profit leadership, and meaningful board services. Her consulting clients include clients interested in building meaningful relationships in the local community and non-profit sector, such as the National School Foundation Association, Gulf Coast Community Foundation, and Allegany Franciscan Ministries. Whatever the topic of expertise, Liz's workplace focuses on building communities and sharing resources to help organizations and individuals fulfill their mission.

Prior to his non-profit career, he worked as an English teacher and dance team coach in the Florida public school system, teaching both high and middle schools in Tampa and Key West. Liz first moved to Tampa Bay and earned a bachelor's degree in secondary English education from the University of South Florida. She got a master's degree in public administration and a certificate of non-profit management there. These experiences and many educators in her family have instilled a deep belief that continued education is essential to the success of individuals and institutions. Through her work in her non-profit sector, she is currently developing training courses and curriculums that integrate her love of teaching and knowledge of non-profit best practices.

Fundraising Success: Board Engagement & Empowerment Course for

  • Nonprofit CEO's, Executive Directors, Development Professionals, Board Members
  • This course is meant for anyone responsible for working with board members of a nonprofit organization.
  • This course is especially relevant for those in charge of leading the fundraising and development process of the board including the Board Chair/President, Fundraising Committee and Chair, and CEO/Executive Director.
  • Both paid staff and board/committee volunteers can benefit from this class.

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