Fundamentals of Music Theory

Fundamentals of Music Theory

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Fundamentals of Music Theory Course Created by Kalynn Daniel Fleischman.

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Fundamentals of Music Theory Course Description

When teaching music theory at the college level, I often see students struggling in a classroom setting. This is because, in most cases, different people think and learn differently. What is understandable to some students may need to be explained in a different way to others. I designed this course to address this problem by explaining concepts in different ways through different mediums.

This course is a standard college-level music theory class. Materials covered in beginner music theory classes in college are the same materials covered here, but at very little cost here. Another benefit of this format is that you can progress at your own pace and not rush to complete everything in one semester. Once purchased, students have lifetime access to this class. This allows students to regularly review concepts that may be challenging.

This class consists of:

Examples of topics covered in this course include:

This course is the first in a series that will cover the entire undergraduate level music theory class. Students enrolled in this class will receive a discount on future My Courses.


My name is Kalynn and I have been tutoring for almost two years. I currently have a BA in Music from Grand Canyon University (GCU) with an emphasis on piano playing. I graduated from Summa Cum Laude and received the Ray-Maben Award, GCU's highest academic honor.

During my time at GCU, I developed my skills as a musician and a teacher. When I worked at the GCU Learning Lounge, I was responsible for running offline sessions for those who needed help with music theory classes. During this time I taught Music Theory I-IV, Class Piano I-IV and Worship Arts Music Theory. All of these classes are college level. It has intrinsically helped students and professors alike by covering up areas that were not properly covered in class. This position not only tested my knowledge, but it also helped me build a strong foundation for my teaching experience.

I am passionate about music, education, and creativity. The courses I offer will help you become a better musician and will increase your understanding of how music works.

Thank you for visiting. We can't wait to get started!


Carlin D. Fleishmann

Fundamentals of Music Theory Course for

  • Musicians and those interested in music

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