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Formale Logik Course Erstellt von Cedric Mössner.

Formale Logik has 3.8 rating out of 5 based on 29 students. Currently this course has 291 Teilnehmer. Course langwage is Deutsch.

Formale Logik Course Description

In this course, you will learn about formal logic. It has applications not only in philosophy, but also in mathematics and computer science (machine learning, automatic code inspection, etc.).

Learn about the different logics (yes, there are many!) and how to use them. Propositional logic, first-order logic and automatic solution systems await you!

Expect a lot of informational, working and logical Sudoku solvers in Java.

I'm a freelance online instructor for computer science on platforms like Udemy and Youtube, and for universities that are already using e-learning.

My focus is on neural networks and machine learning with an emphasis on IT security.

I gained experience through personal and professional learning algorithms and as a web services operator and occasionally as an independent penetration tester or consultant for a variety of companies and individuals.

Formale Logik Course for

  • Alle, die gerne logische Gleichungen verstehen und lösen möchten
  • Alle, die gerne das Verständnis ihrer if-Bedingungen auf ein ganz neues Level heben möchten

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