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Find Your Dream Job Course Created by Rebecca Vertucci.

Find Your Dream Job has 4.1 rating out of 5 based on 792 students. Currently this course has 20,795 students. Course langwage is English.

Find Your Dream Job Course Description

Are you in the driver's seat of your own career? Learn tips and tricks from recruitment and recruitment professionals in this free class. You go away knowing what your employer is doing trying to find you, where they are, and how to speak their language. In 2016, past job hunting will no longer work. Sign up for this free class now. You will not regret it.

I love teaching students how to easily control their career. According to experts, 2018 is a candidate-led market. In short, there is more power and opportunity than ever before. However, most candidates still feel overwhelmed by how to find and land their dream job. I can help!

Through online classes, we have taught more than 12,000 students how to navigate the job market today. I help students easily and confidently overcome the overwhelming world of resume creation, LinkedIn profile creation, interviews, networking, negotiations and more.

Train employers around the world on how to hire people like you by sharing the expertise you gain from recruiting, career services, and work at LinkedIn. I know exactly what your employer is doing to find and hire you ... and I will teach you how to push your career into high gear.

Don't just accept my words ... listen directly from the students:

"Thank you for this course. I watched some courses on LinkedIn, but I still felt that something was missing until I watched your course. Your course is very informative. Thank you for the information for veterans! My husband is a veteran and the information you provided is very helpful. Thank you! ”– Patricia

"I haven't been job hunting for nearly 25 years, so I didn't know how to tackle these topics before this course."-Fred

"Rebecca really knows how to attract the audience. If someone puts some of her energy into something, they will surely succeed. They oppose the offer without sounding arrogant. With an example of a great list of ways and ways to speak up about what you want, I'm sure this course will help those who choose to enroll. "– Younggin

"I really enjoyed the insights provided here about finding a job. As a current job hunter, hear your inner view of hiring people with no skin in job hunting games. (I don't want a job from them, they don't want to hire me). I've never thought of using some of these resources previously provided It was, but I definitely look them up. Thank you! "– Julia

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  • Anyone wanting to take control of their career trajectory!

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