Excel Makro ve VBA Eğitimi-1

Excel Makro ve VBA Eğitimi-1

Excel Makro ve VBA Eğitimi-1 Udemy Course

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Excel Makro ve VBA Eğitimi-1 Course Oluşturan: Volkan Yurtseven.

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Excel Makro ve VBA Eğitimi-1 Course Description

Note: Most of the code is prepared ahead of time to make the most of your time. That's why some people have low scores, so I felt the need to give this warning first.

Why Learn Macros/VBA

You need to learn something new about your business because your competitors are learning.

Dig a well when you don't need it, not when you die of thirst.

Learn something that will make you special, something that will make you indispensable. It is not an exaggeration to say that my name was number 1 at least once on the 'fire rescue' ranking at work. :)

See how others see challenges as opportunities.

Surprising everyone by saying "I'll be ready tomorrow" for something they thought was impossible.

Coding is fun. Don't take this pleasure away.

Easy to learn. A macro recorder makes it even more convenient.

Learning macros is the best time management. Save time and use it most efficiently.

In today's cost-cutting world, achieve these goals for your organization by performing outcomes that are worth a handful of people.

To recap; Image is everything in business. Don't be ordinary. Learn macros and become a legend.

What is this?

Simply, the benefits of macros with basic functionality, such as extending Excel's already powerful capabilities, are countless. For example, you can mention:

Automating many tasks, especially routine tasks (so that they can be performed very quickly, without errors) - Automatic means scheduling tasks and automatically opening, refreshing, and saving reports to disk when due. , automatically send emails to recipients in context. So you can recruit several people to one person, i.e. you.

Perform tasks such as recursive operations that Excel itself cannot (or too long to perform) perform (e.g. find goals individually for each 1000 lines)

In some cases, you can write your own functions (UDFs) instead of missing Excel functions. reverselookup, multicriteriallookup, word count, word selection, etc. (I have over 30 UDFs that I use frequently)

Split list into parts and merge list into parts

And more...

What is the difference between this training?

The product of 20 years of experience

Practical examples, not typical examples

Support for written materials via my website (references are provided throughout the training), Turkey's most comprehensive Excel and macro teaching website

This is literally a macro/VBA course, not part of the Excel course. Allocate the required time (sometimes more) for each topic

Many quiz questions

Example applications to be added continuously

Note: You won't see much code in the first part. Because this part was prepared to lay a solid foundation. So don't get bored and be patient. We've been focusing on coding since part 2.

From now on?

After a short practice of the knowledge gained here, we recommend taking the second training in the series, Advanced Macro/VBA Training. So I will take my VBA knowledge from beginner to advanced.


1995: Graduated from Pertevniyal High School

2000: Graduated from ITU Industrial Engineering


2003-2004: I worked as a purchasing manager at Koçtaş. Excel macro, which I was curious about when I was in college, helped me a lot in this company. On the one hand, I considered myself proficient in Excel, and on the other hand, I was constantly learning new things. I stopped saying "I'm very good at Excel" when I saw that Excel was the devil's sea.

From 2004 to 2017, he worked as a manager in charge of MIS in the retail banking business management department of a large bank. We had a very busy schedule, so everything we wrote on a site called Excelinefendisi (from shortcuts to macros) was lifesaving. In this way, a normal Excel user could do in a matter of hours in a matter of minutes, and in some cases, it was easy to do a task that even a non-ordinary Excel user would not be able to do. But learning has no age and there is no end, and whenever there is an opportunity, he is looking for something new to learn, and he sometimes says, "How could I not have learned this until now?" This search moved me from SQL to desktop programming and from web design to web programming (backend and frontend).

Since 2018, I have been working in the Corporate Data Office of the same bank's Information Technology Department.

Since 2018, I've been focusing on Python libraries coming to the fore in data science and machine learning research.


I love cycling, cycling, then swimming in the cool waters of the Bosphorus, hiking, astronomy and reading quantum physics and evolution/genetics theory. I like science fiction movies based on true stories.

Excel Makro ve VBA Eğitimi-1 Course for

  • Özellikle Satış, Pazarlama ve BütçeRaporlama bölümleri olmak üzere MIS ve Raporlama ağırlıklı çalışıp, yaptığı işleri çok daha kısa sürede ve hatasız yapmak isteyen kişiler
  • Makroların büyülü dünyasını merak eden tüm Excel kullanıcıları

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