Excel 2013 Curso básico

Excel 2013 Curso básico

Excel 2013 Curso básico Udemy Course

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Excel 2013 Curso básico Course .

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Excel 2013 Curso básico Course Description

In this basic Excel 2013 course, you will learn how to use Excel from the beginning. If you are a manager of your company, an employee of any region, or a housewife, it is imperative to use this important tool that enables account organization, account retention, numerical analysis, statistics and more.

The following is the content of the basic Excel course 2013.

• What is a spreadsheet?

• Open and close Excel

• Using help

• Save and open Excel

• Part of the window

• Ribbon • Excel Customization

• Tools for selecting and advancing

• Enter data

• Series

• List

• Format cells, rows and columns

• Conditional formatting

• Select, rename, create, or delete a sheet in the workbook.

• Sort the sheets and copy the contents from one sheet to another. Basic operation.

Learn something new and try to learn Excel above all else. This important program will help you reach your goals. Many successes!

Excel 2013 Curso básico Course for

  • Cualquier persona que nunca haya manejado Excel, quien quiera aprender desde cero los conceptos y herramientas básicas. También quienes quieran optimizar el uso actual del programa.

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