Engenharia de Produção para Iniciantes

Engenharia de Produção para Iniciantes

Engenharia de Produção para Iniciantes Udemy Course

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Engenharia de Produção para Iniciantes Course Criado por Gleison Guimarães.

Engenharia de Produção para Iniciantes has 4.5 rating out of 5 based on 567 students. Currently this course has 5.905 alunos. Course langwage is Português.

Engenharia de Produção para Iniciantes Course Description

Possible employers list manufacturing engineering as one of the most sought-after jobs in today's job market. This course will give you the knowledge, skills and skills to capitalize on these needs!

Looking for an introductory course in production engineering? Do you want to quickly learn what a production engineer does, where, and what kind of work they do? - You are right here!

Production engineers plan, design, and manage organizational systems that include human, physical, technical, financial, and environmental resources. Integrate technical and management knowledge to optimize the use of production resources and reduce the cost of production of goods and services.

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Production Engineering Courses for Beginners are for anyone who wants to know more about and understand this science.

What a production engineer does

Your Specialty

Key Differences Between Production Engineers and Managers

Important topics of education such as:

+ Practical examples of EXCEL

Operational research, logistics, production management, etc.

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Why should I apply?

The ideas presented in this course aim to give you a broader perspective on this profession, which is gaining popularity on the market every year. I respect your time and want to teach you what you need to know to use the model successfully without getting bogged down in unnecessary details or theory.

If you love precise science and have systems vision, these skills will be a great addition to your resume and will give you the knowledge to become a great professional.

Learn about some of the tools production engineers use to solve complex problems here. Do I need prior knowledge? My answer is no! We will create some charts with Excel.

Many faculty are just theories. Here's a practice!

You have nothing to lose! This course is free and you can cancel at any time! No questions asked!

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See what students are saying:

"The course professor made very clear the difference between a production engineer and a manager. Managers don't meet engineering requirements." - Vanessa Reyros da Silva

"So far I've learned more than I could have imagined. The course surprised me. The instructor conveys confidence in the content and experience. I plan to continue taking other courses"! - Samuel Lima de Baros

"Great course. I didn't expect this quality because it was a free course. I took this course to get an idea of ​​the quality of the Udemy course. I am a picky and critical expert and I recommend the course presented here to everyone" . - Jax Coelho Garcia

"A very good and simple goal without dodging" - Macaulay Silva Lima

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This course is taught using the same methodology as the other courses: Process Analysis and Mapping Using Lean Manufacturing Fundamentals and BizAgi Practical Guide.

Teach - Learn the concept first. You will learn not only what it is, but how and when to use it.

SHOW - Understanding a concept increases your understanding by getting context through real-world examples.

DO IT - Then test your new knowledge by completing activities and quizzes. This not only ensures that you fully understand the concepts, but also greatly improves your ability to retain information.

"If you talk, you will forget. If you teach, you will remember. If you participate, you will learn." - Benjamin Franklin

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What bonuses are included?

This course provides access to a variety of supplemental materials. You can download it for free and use it whenever you need it.

Introduction to Production Engineering PDF Book

Worksheet in Excel

Possibility to download lessons,

Science articles on production engineering.

In addition to resources, you can also get help from industry experts! I am not only an instructor for this course, but also a resource and mentor providing guidance and tips for starting and advancing my career as a production engineer.

In this course you will see several engineering tools that use Microsoft Excel to solve various problems.

He is responsible for optimizing the cost of production of goods and services.

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Bibliographical background of the course:

Production and Operations Management; Henrique L. Correa 3rd Edition. 2012.

Production Management - An Introductory Approach; Chiavenato, 3rd ed. 2014.

Production management; Nigel Slack 4th Edition 2015.

Don't waste your time, register with the click of a button and invest in your future!

It all started when I was 15 years old when I started teaching math at home, more precisely on my mother's balcony.

Over time, I took and passed the math entrance exam at Fluminense Federal University (UFF). But at first, I had to drop out of registration because I knew and fell in love with the production engineering course.

In production engineering, I worked on new product development using tools such as business intelligence (BI) for multinational companies.

Currently, I am providing consulting services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the areas of continual improvement, production management, mapping and process optimization, while also dedicated to conducting courses that help freshmen and professionals achieve their goals. .

Some of my qualifications:

Production Management - Wharton - University of Pennsylvania

Continuous Improvement - University of Illinois

Industrial Cost Management - SEBRAE

Supply Chain Management - UNESA

Quality of Service - FGV

Strategic Plan - SEBRAE

Business development and improvement - UNESA


My Mission: To impart knowledge with the goal of interesting, unique and informative lessons in a charismatic, simple and objective way.

My goal: To create the best materials, courses, to help students achieve their professional and personal goals, always with the goal of performing methods.

My professional philosophy is that if the process is outdated, the people are unmotivated, and the product/service is unreliable, there is no chance of retaining and retaining customers. Processes, people and products must be in perfect harmony for a company to provide a homogeneous product, sell its products and/or provide excellent service.

One of my favorite quotes: "Incentives come from others, motivations from within." Encouraging your family and friends to do something for you is of no use unless you have the same vision as them. You need something bigger (motivation, power) to get out of inertia. May that strength be the will to grow and develop. Look ahead and discover new opportunities!

Engenharia de Produção para Iniciantes Course for

  • O curso é voltado para qualquer pessoa que deseja conhecer a engenheira de produção e que pretendente iniciar uma graduação
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