Elimine a Procrastinação: Aumente sua Produtividade +3 Bônus

Elimine a Procrastinação: Aumente sua Produtividade +3 Bônus

Elimine a Procrastinação: Aumente sua Produtividade +3 Bônus Udemy Course

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Elimine a Procrastinação: Aumente sua Produtividade +3 Bônus Course Criado por Ismar Souza.

Elimine a Procrastinação: Aumente sua Produtividade +3 Bônus has 4.7 rating out of 5 based on 2247 students. Currently this course has 8.225 alunos. Course langwage is Português.

Elimine a Procrastinação: Aumente sua Produtividade +3 Bônus Course Description

Bonus # 1: Full PDF version of the course Eliminate procrastination: Improve productivity (page 70)

Bonus # 2: Practical Strategies to Improve Your Productivity Course (+13 Lessons)

Bonus # 3: Pomodoro Technique Course: Double Productivity (+32 lessons)

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If you feel that 24 hours isn't enough to do everything you need, be careful with your family if you're always late and you can't keep up with your schedule and you can't find time to enjoy it. Please do not pay. If you want to end the procrastination, this training is definitely for you.

In the lessons of this course, you will find that, contrary to what most people think, the process of increasing productivity does not rely on more complex and complex time management methods than help.

The big "secret" of productivity is not really a secret, but it's about planning goals, making small changes to how you perform tasks systematically, and respecting the impact of each. I'm in the company. Your life.

Learn how to focus on what's right and eliminate everything that hinders performance and evolution.

Forget the idea of ​​finding a super system or a miracle way to solve the problem right away. It doesn't exist. And maybe deeply, you already know it, you haven't admitted it yet. It is important to understand that the simpler the task management system, the more likely it is to be applied in everyday life.

Being a more productive person and being able to enjoy life more is a matter of choice. And in this course, with a little effort and discipline, you will learn:

Think more productively

Prepare your body and mind to have more energy and propensity

Eliminate the distractions that get in the way and spend time

Find what's important and eliminate what's not important

Develop detailed goals and create an action plan

Create new habits and correct addiction

Plan your project smarter

Find a way to simplify your goals

Define specific goals and actions

Organize your work and study environment

Create new habits in an easy way

Eliminate physical and digital distractions

Organize and prioritize activities

Improve concentration

Dealing with troublesome work

Among many other strategies

You do not need to take this course. Everyone can be completely productive as long as they promise to apply the lessons of the course.

The tips displayed here are entirely focused on raising and improving the level of planning, concentration and action.

Learn some solutions to solve problems that result from lack of time, and more importantly, create your own.

And you can access the course anytime, anywhere from your computer, tablet or smartphone and learn all of this. In addition, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that if for some reason you don't like the course, you can request a refund


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See you in the

course. I will see you around!

Hello, this is Ismar!

I believe that everyone who excels in some area of ​​their lives knows that traditional education does not. Practical knowledge, as I say, is knowledge that goes beyond mediocrity and makes us stand out in our personal and professional life.

And it's exactly this kind of knowledge that I'm trying to acquire, discover and develop skills, and share with people like you who want to be better people and professionals. ..

Knowledge shortcuts

My philosophy of life is based on the concept of knowledge shortcuts. Shortcuts are everywhere in our lives. The important thing is that in most cases it doesn't look like that.

Want an example? What you do when buying a book to learn biology, physics, math, personal development, productivity, presentation skills, searching for tips on the subject on the Internet, or enrolling in an online course Is just a shortcut for knowledge.

These shortcuts allow you and me to come in front of you and acquire the knowledge accumulated by all those who have already discovered, experimented, made mistakes and succeeded. Therefore, use the knowledge shortcut to skip all this huge learning step.

Books, courses, internet videos, mentor advice, coaching sessions, workshops, lectures ... these are all shortcuts to knowledge.

The idea is simple. I'm trying to give others the knowledge I've previously wanted to acquire. That's why I became an instructor and created Academia Ideia, where I can share my knowledge through online courses.

Elimine a Procrastinação: Aumente sua Produtividade +3 Bônus Course for

  • Esse curso é indicado para pessoas que precisam ser mais organizadas no trabalho, em casa ou na escola
  • Para pessoas que querem iniciar novos projetos mas não têm tempo útil para começar
  • Para quem quer aumentar seus resultados sem ter mais trabalho
  • Para quem quer deixar de adiar suas tarefas e começar a ter resultados rapidamente

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