Effective Emceeing (Basic) The Shy Speakers' Guide

Effective Emceeing (Basic) The Shy Speakers' Guide

Effective Emceeing (Basic) The Shy Speakers' Guide Udemy Course

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Effective Emceeing (Basic) The Shy Speakers' Guide Course Created by Gary Guwe, Joshua Sim.

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Effective Emceeing (Basic) The Shy Speakers' Guide Course Description

So far I had to moderate for the event, but I don't know the first thing about being an event Moderator or Ritual Master (MC)?

Public Speaking itself is widely regarded as the greatest fear of people over the ages. Culture and gender ... and Event host as MC (also known as Moderator), important Events such as weddings / roadshows / seminars / conferences / recitals / parties / companies-D & D by family / managers / bosses rarely relieves jitter.

and above Over the last decade, we have helped thousands of people overcome their fears. Speaking in public, hundreds will be effective emcees with little or no Hosting experience.

Shy Speakers' Guide to Effective Emceeing (Fundamentals) starts from scratch Become a hero on stage.

In addition to surviving, speaking well on stage also has the following benefits:

Developed and coached by real professional speakers, public speaking trainers, and moderator coaches, we help hundreds of new moderators find employment, with more moderators in the course of their careers. I turned professional.

Trainers have taught at some of the best educational institutions in the world, spoke at hundreds of events, and helped others do the same. Now they have condensed their years of experience to help people like you go on stage and own it!


In this course you will discover some superkey skills of what you need Be an effective moderator at the event. Whether you are a complete beginner or You have experience hosting events, formalization and Strengthen your skills to take them to the next level, this course you!

What are you waiting for? Please join us. Raise your voice, stand out, and shine on stage right now!

GARY GUWE, BSc (Cum Laude), ACB

Trainer | Speaker | SERIAL-ENTREPRENEURCERTIFIED DISC Behavior and Career Consultant Advanced Communicator (Bronze), Toastmasters International Champion, Toastmasters International Improvised Speech Contest 2010-2011 (Category) Champion, Toastmasters International Evaluation Speech Contest 2010 and 2012 ( Category) Selected as one of the Top 10 Most Influential Bloggers in Speech World

Gary is an award-winning speaker and serial entrepreneur specializing in the technology of providing laser sharp presentations and the art of authoritative influence. He has worked with business leaders and sales professionals representing seven of the top eight Fortune 500 companies, including Microsoft, Google, HP, Siemens and Redhat. In particular, he has also worked with Prudential, AIA, Tokio Marine sales professionals and financial consultants in the area of ​​superior sales.

A highly insightful, focused and results-focused individual, Gary is a small business owner in the areas of influential communication, influential presentations, team building and business development. , Has worked with MNC executives and government agencies. He has also been appointed as a graduate student instructor at the National University of Singapore and is an undergraduate student at ESSEC Business School (Asia Pacific), two of the world's leading universities.

Gary is also an authority on the Art of Impromptu Speaking and has a solid track record of teaching students to several successful (improvised) speech championships since 2010. He is the only coach in the world with a proven process and curriculum. He helps individuals speak from the cuff and convey a desirable, consistent, victorious message in a variety of situations.

Since 2005, Gary has spoken to more than 17,500 individuals in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, South Africa and the United States. His insights are also sought after in the media, where he has appeared on Radio 938Live, The New Paper, The Straits Times, Today, New Age Parent, AsiaOne, Toastmasters, Presidential Update (South Africa) and Lifehack (dot) org. I am. >

Hello everyone. I'm Joshua Sim. Jack of a particular deal and some masters. My three favorites include business, art and psychology. I'm an ingenious kind and I love to create things, although it can be boring after the creation process is over. However, during the creation process, I see that I'm leading the charge!

Effective Emceeing (Basic) The Shy Speakers' Guide Course for

  • If you have no knowledge or experience with public speaking or emceeing
  • If you are going to emcee and upcoming event and do not know what to do
  • If you want to learn to host an event big or small

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