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DW Question & Answer Pro - WordPress Plugin Description

DW Questions and Answer Pro are my favorite questions ever. WordPress answer plugin. The WordPress site has full-featured questions and questions. Answer sections such as StackOverflow, Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc.

DW Questions and Answer Pro give our customers many new features and special support priorities. Here are some of the highlights to show DW's questions and reasons. The Answer Pro plugin should be a strong candidate compared to other existing plugins in this category.

With over two years of development, DW Questions and Answer lite has served more than 10,000 websites worldwide. We are pleased to have many positive votes and happy customers, here are some of them:

Ask a question

DW Questions and Answer Pro provide shortcodes to help you see all your questions on one page of your choice. In addition, the question list page is also integrated with many features such as filtering, sorting, pagination, and searching.

question フォーム

The question form can be set in the sidebar or another page. This feature allows users to set a title question, provide a detailed description in HTML or Markdown, assign it to a category and tag it, and increase the exposure of the site.

Manage questions on the front end

All features (edit, delete, sticky, follow, change question status, etc.) can be handled from the front end. This makes it easier for users to distribute website membership and manage their communities in an easy and convenient way.

Answer/komento function

The comment and answer feature is absolutely essential to DW's questions and answers. Answer professional. Answer forms are supported in HTML or Markdown format. When using Q & amp; A as a help desk system, users can submit entries in private mode to provide sensitive credentials such as website administrator, FTP account, etc.


This is also an important feature of questions and questions. Answer system system and traditional forums that are considered to be the biggest difference between Q and Q. This feature helps people vote on the questions of others who are interested.

number of visual episodes

No need to install additional plugin, DW Question & amp ;. Answer automatically counts the view each time someone views the question. This feature of DW Questions & amp; Answers Pro helps you to filter your questions by popularity on your website.

Choose the best answer

The question owner can choose the best answer from his own judgment. This answer is pasted immediately after the question and helps other readers find the correct answer easily and quickly.

E-mail notification

Whenever there is a new question, answer, or comment, the system sends an email to the administrator or followers of the question. DW's question and answer email system also supports custom HTML templates. This makes it easy to add custom styles to your email.

Instant search

This is also a great feature of DW Question & amp ;. answer. Ajax-based solutions help you quickly find information as you type in part of the text, similar to what you see on Google.

Anti-spam with reCaptcha / FunCaptcha

To avoid spam, integrate reCaptcha and FunCaptcha into the question and answer form (which can be turned on / off).

Two custom shortcodes

7 custom widgets

Perfect for all WordPress themes

A lightweight and simple design that inherits most of the attributes of WordPress themes available on the market from Twenty Ten to Twenty Sixteen, Avada, Genesis, Thesis, Divi and more. This plugin has been tested on most prominent themes on the market. , And our plugins are well compatible with most of them. Some specific themes may require some tweaking to fully integrate the QA Pro plugin, but this should only be a minor customization.

Multilingual support (more than 20 languages ​​available)

This plugin is fully translatable and has been translated by users into over 20 languages. Includes: English (default), Arabic, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Persian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Thai, Hindi, Catalan, Vietnamese, Czech, Italian, Croatian, Slovak, Norwegian, etc.

Look at one of your favorites WordPress theme for questions and answers

I'm trying to optimize the Pro version. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment here. Thank you.

DW Question & Answer Pro - WordPress Plugin

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