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Understanding TypeScript - 2022 Edition

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Don't limit the use of TypeScript to Angular! Learn the Basics, its Revelations, Procedures and how to use it!

  • Use TypeScript with its features such as Types, ES6 Support, Classes, Modules, Contacts and more in any of their Projects.
  • Understand the true meaning of TypeScript and how it works
  • Why does TypeScript offer a real opportunity over vanilla JavaScript
  • Learn TypeScript in learning as well as apply it to real-life applications and tasks
  • Learn how to integrate TypeScript with ReactJS or NodeJS / Express


Most people know TypeScript from Angular 2+. Language you should use there, right?

It's more than that!

Learn what TypeScript is, why Add -on is so powerful, what it means and how to use it! And as you do, also understand what you are doing with your Angular 2+ Code.

This Course takes you from the Basics and its most important components (Types!) To the Area where you can use TypeScript in any of your Projects. ReactJS Project included!

While TypeScript is being developed by Microsoft and powered by Angular 2+ (Google), it is here to stay.

Get an Edge today and be on the First to better understand TypeScript!

A Journey into the Future

While TypeScript code can be integrated into ES5, you will be amazed at the many other-gen Features you can start using today. Be it ES6 Systems like Custom or Arrow Functions, Decorators, Generics and Interfaces or Modules - TypeScript has it all!

In this Class, we do not leave after the Constitution. You'll learn about more advanced features as well as setting up Job Exams with TypeScript. Includes TypeScript-only Workflow and Webpack Workflow.

You’ll also find that you’re not limited to Angular 2+ or Javascript/ TypeScript Projects. A complete Module that includes the use of TypeScript and ReactJS to benefit from its Reacts, there too.

Practice What You Learn

Watching Videos is a great way to learn. And to many Students, that’s the best way. If you also want to practice What you are learning, this Course offers you Exercises (and Solutions) in a number of Course Modules.

Lots to find!

I’m not a fan of these courses that teach you the Basics and then leave you alone. In this course you will find information on:

Types and uses

  • How the TypeScript Compiler works

  • ES6 Section in TypeScript

  • Classes in TypeScript

  • Available Names and Modules

  • Contact

  • Generics

  • Decorative craftsmen

  • How to Integrate Third-Party JavaScript Libraries into Your TypeScript Project

  • How to set up a TypeScript and Webpack project

  • Or how to set up a TypeScript workflow

  • How to use TypeScript with ReactJS

  • How to use TypeScript with Node/Express

  • Real projects and use-cases!

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