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React Native - The Practical Guide [2022 Edition]

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Use React Native with your knowledge of React to build iOS and Android Apps - included. Push Notifications, Eyes, Redux.

  • Build mobile apps with JavaScript and React
  • Dig deeper into React Native
  • Develop applications (iOS and Android) on mobile phones without knowing Swift, ObjectiveC or Java/Android.

You’ll learn all about the training behind React Native, its key concepts, how to build models that work on different devices, how to operate it, use maps and the camera and much more!

And which is a better way to learn than to build a real program? We will be building the “Awesome Places” app in this course, an app that allows users to share amazing photos and the place they took them. This app will allow you to see things like usage maps, the camera, user credentials, connect to a service and many other activities.

By the end of the course, we will also go through all the steps needed to put it into an app store.

Here is a detailed description of what you will find:

Key ideas and beliefs

  • How to use React, JavaScript and natural features

  • Understand how to operate in React Native apps

  • A closer look at branding and launching React Native apps

  • Instructions for using other libraries in your React Native app

  • Detailed demonstrations using maps or photographs

  • An honest, complete user experience

  • How to connect to an external service from your app

  • Debugging instructions

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