Domina las expresiones regulares con Swift 4

Domina las expresiones regulares con Swift 4

Domina las expresiones regulares con Swift 4 Udemy Course

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Domina las expresiones regulares con Swift 4 Course Creado por Frogames Formación SL.

Domina las expresiones regulares con Swift 4 has 4.7 rating out of 5 based on 21 students. Currently this course has 126 estudiantes. Course langwage is Español.

Domina las expresiones regulares con Swift 4 Course Description

Regular expressions are an essential tool for developing applications on any platform, be it mobile or desktop. It will be very useful for validation, replacement and information retrieval, especially in app development. In this course, you will start studying regular expressions from scratch. That is, we analyze each element little by little until we have a clear understanding of each element. Not only will it be very useful for app developers or the web world, but it will also be useful for all of us who use R or Excel as their primary data analysis tool. Here we are constantly doing web scraping or semantic analysis via regular expressions.

In the first part, we will look at the theoretical aspects one by one in transparent format, with concrete examples for each theoretical point, using regular expressions, an online tool for validating regular expressions without writing any code.

In the second part of the course, we'll take what we've learned as a starting point and develop two apps that will be based on regular expressions in the Swift development language for Apple. However, the examples are for any web or mobile technology of your choice.

This isn't a 100% programming course, it's part of computational theory, but it's very practical, so it will teach you techniques that are different from those in general in the regex world. Yes. App or web development requires a minimal foundation, but you don't need to be an expert. In this course, you will learn regular expressions from the most basic.

This course is for:

App and web developers, or data analysts using R or Excel who want to build applications with data validation via regular expressions.

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Domina las expresiones regulares con Swift 4 Course for

  • Desarrolladores web o de apps que quieran aprender a trabajar con expresiones regulares
  • Analistas de datos o Data Scientists que quieran aprender a usar las expresiones regulares y a trabajar con ellas en R o en Excel

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