Detecção avançada de problemas com Zabbix

Detecção avançada de problemas com Zabbix

Detecção avançada de problemas com Zabbix Udemy Course

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Detecção avançada de problemas com Zabbix Course Criado por Janssen Lima.

Detecção avançada de problemas com Zabbix has 4.0 rating out of 5 based on 284 students. Currently this course has 1.640 alunos. Course langwage is Português.

Detecção avançada de problemas com Zabbix Course Description

The Advanced Problem Detection Using Zabbix course aims to encourage students to think about different ways to build smarter triggers to avoid false alarms in monitoring. Students also learn to use advanced features, such as using the correct functions in expressions, using macros in expressions and trigger descriptions, and more, depending on the problem they want to alert on.

The training was structured so that the student had a practical bias in actually following the steps in the video to get their hands dirty and performing all the suggested exercises. This lesson shows a way that many NMS Zabbix users and experts are not familiar with dealing with, because in most cases standard templates are also used in production environments.

This course is led by Professor Janssen do Reis Lima, who specializes in Network Management Linux, and Professor, who has written two books on Zabbix, Monitoring Networks with Zabbix and Using Zabbix APIs with Python.

This course also includes updates to the practice section.

I have over 20 years of experience in the IT field. Bachelor of Information Systems from FeMASS, Linux Network Management Specialist from UFLA.

Sou certificado Zabbix Certified Specialist(ZCS) 및 Zabbix Certified Professional(ZCP), Zabbix 5.0 사용

I am no longer an IT coach. I teach Zabbix, Linux and monitoring because I know the basics of systems, monitoring and the tools to implement them.

I will teach you everything I know in a way that makes you wonder why you should do this or that. And don't run commands without knowing what you're doing. If you want a boring course where the instructor just executes commands without explaining what's going on behind the scenes, my course isn't for you!

Still unsure about purchasing my course? See student ratings and comments about the course, and feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile to see my experiences.

Detecção avançada de problemas com Zabbix Course for

  • Qualquer pessoa que queira se especializar no uso inteligente das triggers do Zabbix

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