Design Patterns in C# and .NET

Design Patterns in C# and .NET

Design Patterns in C# and .NET Udemy Course

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Design Patterns in C# and .NET Course Created by Dmitri Nesteruk.

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Design Patterns in C# and .NET Course Description

Course Overview

This course provides a comprehensive overview of design patterns in C# and .NET from a practical point of view. This course specifically covers patterns using:

This course provides an overview of all Gang of Four (GoF) design patterns outlined in the main book, along with a discussion of the essential uses of modern transformations, adaptations, and language patterns.

What are design patterns?

Design patterns are reusable solutions to common programming problems. They were popularized in 1994 with the book Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software by Erich Gamma, John Vlissides, Ralph Johnson, and Richard Helm (commonly known as the Gang of Four, hence the acronym for GoF).

The original was written using C++ and Smalltalk as examples, but since then the design pattern has been applied to every programming language imaginable. JavaScript.

The allure of design patterns is timeless. We see patterns in libraries, some of which are inherent in programming languages, and we will use them every day, even without realizing that they are there.

What patterns are covered in this course?

This course covers all GoF design patterns. Here's the full list in practice.

Who is this course for?

This course is for .NET/C# developers who want to see not only textbook examples of design patterns, but also the many variations and tricks that can be applied to implement design patterns in a modern way. For example, with the introduction of the DLR you can use ImpromptuObject so that DynamicObject can expose the interface you want. This allows dynamic programming and many design patterns come in terms of static and DLR-based variants.

Presentation style

This course is presented as a series of (very large) live demos performed in Microsoft Visual Studio. Most demos are single files, so you can download the file attached to the lecture and run it in Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Rider, or any other IDE of your choice.

This course does not use UML class diagrams. All demos are live coding. It uses Visual Studio, various NuGet packages, R# unit test runner, even dotMemoryUnit.

Dmitri is a quant, developer, book author, and course author. His interests are in software development and integration practices in computational, quantitative finance and algorithmic trading. His technical interests include programming in C# and C++ and high-performance computing using technologies such as CUDA and FPGAs. He has been the C# MVP since 2009.

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