Dates and Times in .NET Pluralsight

Dates and Times in .NET Pluralsight

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Learn the fundamentals and master the art of working with dates and times in .NET; a topic commonly taken for granted, but often the cause of unexpected errors. This course will make you comfortable working with dates and times in any .NET project!

What you'll learn

Ever had issues caused by date and times with .NET within your applications? In this course, Dates and Times in .NET, you will master the art of parsing dates and times and how to handle ambiguity using common standards that usually get overlooked and cause unexpected errors. First, you will learn how to handle relative time and time periods, such as calculating the time difference between two periods. Next, you will discover how time zones impact applications, how to properly handle them, and what to consider when parsing dates which don’t include time zone information. Finally, you will explore best practices, and how to avoid problems when working with common date and time scenarios in .NET. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to set up your own applications and parse complex date and time situations whether you’re on Windows, Mac, or Linux!

Table of contents

  • Course Overview
  • Date and Time Fundamentals
  • Date and Time Arithmetic
  • Solutions to Common Data/Time Scenarios in .NET

About the author

Filip Ekberg Filip is an enthusiastic developer that strives to learn something new every day. With over a decade of experience in .NET, Filip actively spreads his knowledge and ideas around the globe.

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