D Locker - Password, Card and Link Manager

D Locker - Password, Card and Link Manager Description

D locker Is a data management web application that securely stores and maintains data in a well-structured tabular format within well-managed folders.

Live preview URL – – https://www.dlocker.fastosolution.com/login

Administrator credentials:
Username – admin, password – admin @ 123

User credentials:
Username – User, Password – user @ 123

Dealing with so many data resources for your and your client's business can be difficult to maintain. Today, there are many platforms for creating accounts for your own marketing or your client's business marketing, but using the same password on different platforms is not a good practice and remembering all the different credentials at the same time. I know Be careful with your client's or your own company's account. That's why we created the D Locker web app to make it easy to store and maintain data for you and your clients in an organized way.

Card details and URLs can also be kept in a well-structured table inside a folder. The D-Locker is very easy to set up and very easy to use.

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D Locker - Password, Card and Link Manager

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