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CURSO ICLONE 7 Course Creado por Francisco José Pérez Moreno.

CURSO ICLONE 7 has 3.9 rating out of 5 based on 35 students. Currently this course has 132 estudiantes. Course langwage is Español.

CURSO ICLONE 7 Course Description

Integrated with the latest real-time technology, iClone7 simplifies the world of 3D animation into an easy-to-use production environment that combines character creation, animation, scene design and cinematic storytelling. The GPU-based renderer delivers unparalleled production speed and artistic visual quality. The IClone Animation Pipeline seamlessly connects game engines with industry-standard 3D tools for interactive applications, film and virtual production. iClone has been widely used by independent filmmakers, professional studio teams, pre-visualization teams, as well as writers, directors, animators, advertisers, or anyone who wants to quickly turn their visions into reality.

Fran Pérez Audio-visual editing and post-production, corporate and documentary content creator, with over 15 years of dedication to 3D animation to complement video FX realizations, in the real world we shoot what's already been made here. I am passionate about what I do because I make films and create our world.

I entered the visual world in 1992 as a camera operator and content producer in the Navy. He currently works alone for a company in the film and television sector.

CURSO ICLONE 7 Course for

  • Cualquiera que quiera aprender a realizar Animaciones 3D
  • Estudiantes de realización, animación 3d, guionistas,dirección de cine todo el que dese sacar el artista que llave dentro

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