Curso Completo Criar Sites com Design Profissional WordPress

Curso Completo Criar Sites com Design Profissional WordPress

Curso Completo Criar Sites com Design Profissional WordPress Udemy Course

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Curso Completo Criar Sites com Design Profissional WordPress Course Criado por Viana Patricio.

Curso Completo Criar Sites com Design Profissional WordPress has 4.6 rating out of 5 based on 5350 students. Currently this course has 15.606 alunos. Course langwage is Português.

Curso Completo Criar Sites com Design Profissional WordPress Course Description

Welcome to the "How to Build a Website Step by Step" course. My name is Viana Patrício and I have a degree in web programming, pedagogy and a master's degree in education. I have been building websites for over 15 years. I developed this course thinking about people who know nothing about website building and literally start at ZERO, and those who are already knowledgeable and want to improve themselves to create a truly professional website.

Therefore, the course is divided into modules from beginner to advanced. What we call advanced is also very simple and easy to learn. We have chosen tools that anyone can learn through the lessons.

This is the strength of our course. You don't need to learn anything about programming and it won't be complicated. Because we use applications that allow us to create very attractive pages with simple mouse drag and click. design and function.

You will learn how to create professional-looking pages with animated features, animated slides, custom icons, images, and more. You will also learn how to create an automated store integrated with Pagseguro. We will create these two sites and teach you all the tools in the lab step by step with you.

The course is divided into 4 modules with a total of 18 lessons and about 5 hours.

I hope you enjoy the training course, and if you have any questions, I'll clarify them here. We have created this course with great care and attention to make your learning experience easy and practical! We want you to reach a new level of building websites with quality and professional design! We look forward to meeting you on our course!


Viana Patricio.

Viana Patricio is a designer and has a master's degree in education and over 15 years of experience in website development and graphic design. With over 49,000 students on Udemy today, Viana is one of the few instructors with an official Google Certification. He is currently the lead author of a Udemy course in the WordPress realm. Here are the best-selling courses (Best Selling and Top Rated in categories) on creating professional websites with WordPress.

In addition to other courses such as Adobe Photoshop, Modern Website Design, WordPress SEO, Elementor PRO, Design with Adobe Illustrator, Professional Video Editing with Camtasia

He worked at the Rio Grande do Norte Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the Brazilian Navy and currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Federal University of Brazil. He holds a Master's Degree in Teaching from Rio Grande do Norte State University, an Education Degree from Castello Branco University RJ and a Web Programming Technician from SENAC.

Currently, Viana has devoted all her free time to research in the field of distance education through online courses. He has worked with several content management systems and had the opportunity to create themes for Joomla, Drupal, and Wordpress.

Nowadays I am developing a process for creating websites with resources that work with Wordpress, have themes created on this platform, and are revolutionizing quality standards for fully professional designs.

While serving in the Brazilian Navy, Viana had the opportunity to support the social communications sector and enhance her experience through website development for the federal government, photo and video editing courses. Viana has a photography course at Sociedade Fluminense de Fotógrafos and works in video editing and design programs such as Camtasia, Sony Vegas, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

His technical training combined with teaching methods is reinforced by his experience in other fields.

Author's words:

My desire to always do my best is the driving force behind great dedication and enthusiasm in everything I do.

And with this recap, I have promised myself and all of my students that I will always strive to make the time we dedicate valuable by providing quality content at all times.

We hope that together we can reach new heights in teaching and learning.

Always trust me

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