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Crypto Portfolio Tracker | JavaScript Plugin Description

Cryptographic Portfolio Tracker Is a JavaScript plug-in that allows website visitors to create their own cryptocurrency portfolio. Track performance in real time and share it with others.

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Please note that this plugin does not work on WIX, WEEBLY, and similar site builder platforms.

Over 6000 cryptocurrencies are supported.

Each user can create any number of crypto portfolios and add as many transactions as they need.

All portfolios are evaluated in real time and recalculated on the fly when new ticks are received.

Key performance indicators such as investment, profit and loss, volatility, and charts that reflect historical performance The portfolio is at your fingertips.

Users can create portfolios in any fiat currency.

Static text strings can be translated into any language. Numbers can be formatted using the decimal number of your choice and the 1000 delimiter.

Users can share their portfolio with others by creating their own shareable links. Shared portfolios are updated in real time and changes are made to their structure Not only for the owner, but for everyone who is currently tracking such a shared portfolio, it will be reflected immediately without refreshing the page. Useful when presenting a large portfolio Anyone who has a shared portfolio open is teaching the audience or class because they can immediately see the added or deleted coins. Sounds good.

The crypto portfolio tracker responds on mobile phones and tablets.

Choose from orange, yellow, green, cyan, turquoise, blue, purple, and red color schemes.

You can optionally enable authentication to require users to log in or sign up.

Crypto Portfolio Tracker | JavaScript Plugin

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