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Criação de Personagem Course Criado por Conectado Digital.

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Criação de Personagem Course Description

Imagine being able to create an art style or image with every detail imaginable. This is the real purpose of this course. A variety of course topics will give you the confidence to describe every aspect of the game, be it a logo, hero, setting, or interface.

The first section describes and showcases design ideas that can be used to improve any design.

This is an important concept, especially for those who are learning to draw on their own and need ideas to improve their personal art.

Today, I'm making characters for games, illustrations, and 3D animations every day.

In the end, those who paint as a hobby and as a personal project learn tools to make their characters more interesting and dynamic.

Based on my hands-on experience in this industry, I think this is a great time to share what I've learned and see that it actually works.

In this course, we learn about game design, interfaces, character creation, character customization, game backgrounds, tilesets, and more.

But if you're thinking of working as a character designer as well, course content is a shortcut to building a solid portfolio of art types that really showcase your skills and creativity.

Hello. My name is Misael, a graphic designer, video game developer and teacher. I am a digital marketing expert.

I'm working on making characters for games, I have been working as a graphic designer for about 10 years.

Based on some experience in the field of digital marketing, Creating characters is always a lot of fun.

Needless to say, I am passionate about my job.

About two years ago, I started feeling like I could go beyond that. Develop and share my knowledge and experience. process.

So I started developing a course for: Large EAD portal.

My passion is It was really strong and I started taking courses for Udemy.

You are your It is for knowledge and those who want to start this career.

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