CPT-Admin-Taxonomy-Filtering WordPress Plugin Download Free

CPT-Admin-Taxonomy-Filtering WordPress Plugin Download Free

Free CPT-Admin-Taxonomy-Filtering WP Plugin Download

A non-invasive, lightweight WordPress plugin adding custom post type admin taxonomy filtering support. CPT-Admin-Taxonomy-Filtering is a plug-and-play …

Non-invasive Lightweight WordPress Plug Inn Custom Post Type Administrator Classification Add Filtering Support. CPT-Admin-Taxonony-Filtering is a plug-and-play plug-in that does not have the required Configuration. register_taxonomy function arguments: show_admin_column, and wp_dropdown_categories function arguments: inherited from hide_if_empty. Labels are inherited from the relevant classification label. Necessary things you need. It is not more than that. -AmaryIndiary

WordPress CPT-Admin-Taxonomy-Filtering Plugin Version is 1.0.0.

CPT-Admin-Taxonomy-Filtering Plugin last modified on 05/07/2021.

CPT-Admin-Taxonomy-Filtering WordPress Plugin has 5 Rating out of 5.

CPT-Admin-Taxonomy-Filtering WP Plugin is Free to Download.

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