Complete Flexbox Course: Master CSS3 Flexbox for Good

Complete Flexbox Course: Master CSS3 Flexbox for Good

Complete Flexbox Course: Master CSS3 Flexbox for Good Udemy Course

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Complete Flexbox Course: Master CSS3 Flexbox for Good Course Created by Peter Sommerhoff.

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Complete Flexbox Course: Master CSS3 Flexbox for Good Course Description

When you're done with this, you can use Flexbox...

Align all elements vertically

Create a modern grid

Take up the remaining space

Add spacing between elements

Implement the entire site layout

And much more!

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Prove your skills in 3 mini projects to see Flexbox in action and you can use Flexbox productively in future web design projects.

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In this tutorial you will learn how to use all Flexbox properties.

Style the flex container:

Flex direction

Justify the content

Sort items

Flex Wrap

Arrange content

Individual flex items:


Self sort

Flex Growth

Shrink flex



Finally, let's look at a real Flexbox example and see what kind of layout you can get.

Simple grid with flexbox where all columns in a row are the same size

Advanced Flexbox grid where columns can be of any size

Vertical centering to align elements vertically

Media objects, popular OOCSS patterns

The Holy Grail Layout, a complete site layout with sidebar and footer

As a bonus, this course includes a complete Flexbox cheat sheet that you can use to summarize and refer back to everything you've learned while using Flexbox.

I've also included code from the Flexbox demo showcase. This code is like a browser-viewable interactive cheat sheet with all properties and layout examples from this tutorial.

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Complete Flexbox Course: Master CSS3 Flexbox for Good Course for

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  • Anyone who wants to keep up with newest developments in web standards

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