Comment Moderator WordPress Plugin Download Free

Comment Moderator WordPress Plugin Download Free

Free Comment Moderator WP Plugin Download

Add a new user role, Comment Moderator, that allows any selected user to manage comments.

"Problem": On WordPress, only administrator and editor can interrupt comments. "Solution": "99 Robots Comment Moderator" adds a new user "role" named "Comment Moderator" that can manage comments. Install this plug-in and enable it to assign a "Comment Moderator" role. User comments (all comments or him only). This plug-in does not interfere with other things on your site, so this plug-in visits or visits more robots 99 Please see the robot. Comment Direct link to Moderator Plug-in.

WordPress Comment Moderator Plugin Version is 1.3.8.

Comment Moderator Plugin last modified on 09/11/2021.

Comment Moderator WordPress Plugin has 3.7 Rating out of 5.

Comment Moderator WP Plugin is Free to Download.

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