Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex (Manga Studio 5)

Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex (Manga Studio 5)

Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex (Manga Studio 5) Udemy Course

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Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex (Manga Studio 5) Course Created by Brian Jackson, Writing and Self-publishing.

Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex (Manga Studio 5) has 4.7 rating out of 5 based on 685 students. Currently this course has 9,949 students. Course langwage is English.

Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex (Manga Studio 5) Course Description

In this course, you will learn to draw and paint using Clip Studio Paint Pro or Ex (formerly Manga Studio 5), the most powerful illustration, manga and comic book software available today. You will learn to draw and paint in ways you never thought possible using my simplified skills. From sketching out the basic concepts to creating and distributing the finished work, this course teaches you everything you need to know to realize your full artistic potential.

Master Clip Studio Paint, drawing and painting techniques, and digital illustration workflows in one easy and simple one-step process:

o Learn how to purchase and configure pens and brushes Learn how to draw fast, sloppy sketches using a tablet and stylus Draw a scene containing a person using a 3D poseable reference model. Create drawings with a single click of the mouse. o Add color to increase the realism of your drawings. o Add shape and dimension by shading and highlighting artwork while preserving lines. Create a simple gradient background.o Learn how to create 3 common effects using layer masks. Using perspective rulers, you can easily create and distribute letters, speech balloons, and footers in your construction work for free, or sell them on Amazono.

Experience the most useful features of Clip Studio Paint while learning the basic drawing and painting techniques that are most important to beginner's success.

This course is all-inclusive, focusing on the software features and drawing skills you need to know to become a good digital artist. It is intended to teach newcomers to digital art everything they need to know to create stunning results in hours.

At the same time, this course provides an easy-to-digest and structured learning experience to ensure fast results. Section workshops and projects demonstrate each skill taught and give you the opportunity to do each skill yourself to demonstrate your proficiency in the subject.

This digital art course is designed to be easy to understand even for beginners. This means that by the end of the course you will be fully proficient in Clip Studio Paint and digital art, and fully familiar with digital art tools and techniques.

Doesn't all of this sound expensive? But it is not. CLIP STUDIO PAINT is available as a 30-day free trial (selling $29), and an inexpensive drawing tablet is optional. This course provides knowledge at an affordable price.

In this course, students learn the basics of digital art using CLIP STUDIO PAINT. Use shortcuts and simplified techniques to streamline your illustration workflow while maintaining quality work.

Take this course and you will become a better artist.

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I was born in Los Angeles, California in the middle of the last century. After moving briefly to Silicon Valley, I graduated from Humboldt State University in the heart of Northern California's Redwoods.

Two weeks after graduating, I was working as a computer systems programmer at Lockheed Missile and Space (LMSC) in Silicon Valley. Two months later I got married and have been happy ever since (for 40 years).

After 14 years at Lockheed, I moved from working on IBM mainframes to using PCs running the Unix operating system, and came across the Internet. I joined Cisco Systems as the 650th employee because it seemed like the perfect place to work. In 11 years, Cisco has grown to over 20,000 employees.

Retired at 48 and got bored in no time!

Throughout my professional career, I have always enjoyed writing and providing technical training. So, I started writing after taking a creative class at a local college.

I was able to write and self-publish a few books, but things didn't work out until Melanie Jackson, wife of a prominent New York company author, quit traditional publishing and joined self-publishing.

In the 10 years from 2010 to now, Melanie and I have self-published over 100 books, earning over $500,000. We were also able to record a pair of audiobooks for sale on Amazon and Audible.

By 2014, our rapid reputation for the Kindle had already waned. I have decided to pursue my second passion: giving educational presentations.

Since 2014, we have published over 48 online video training courses for training sites like Udemy and Skillshare. My goal is to provide low-cost, high-quality, screencast-based training materials focused on my area of ​​expertise. That said, self-publishing and book cover design using GIMP. We continue to expand our video training catalog, using a variety of marketing techniques to focus some energy on revitalizing flagship book sales. Finally, I spend my time maintaining my website developed using WordPress and my wife's website.

I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my beloved wife and a butterscotch cat.

I'll see you in class.


Clip Studio Paint Pro/Ex (Manga Studio 5) Course for

  • Any student wanting to learn to draw
  • Any student interested in digital art
  • Any student who's heard about and is curious about Clip Studio Paint
  • Anyone wanting to produce and distribute professional quality comic books
  • Anyone looking for easy shortcuts available through the use of drawing software

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