Chainsaw Recovery, Maintenance and Safety.

Chainsaw Recovery, Maintenance and Safety.

Chainsaw Recovery, Maintenance and Safety. Udemy Course

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Chainsaw Recovery, Maintenance and Safety. Course Created by John William Russell.

Chainsaw Recovery, Maintenance and Safety. has 4.1 rating out of 5 based on 39 students. Currently this course has 263 students. Course langwage is English.

Chainsaw Recovery, Maintenance and Safety. Course Description

This course will cover the care and maintenance of all worn chainsaw parts, from guide bars to chains and sprockets, fuel and air filters, starter mechanisms, clutches and chain brakes. This course is primarily video-based and includes detailed instructions and demonstrations of all the operations you need to perform to understand and keep the saw in top condition, no matter what your obligations. .. The course takes about 4 hours to display all the material from start to finish, but due to its modular design, individual lectures are "how-to" before going any further and doing each task yourself. Can be used as. The course is divided into five major educational sections, an overview of the course, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), how to choose the right tools for the job, individual maintenance processes for the saw, and specific identification for chain care. Introducing the section. , Maintenance and sharpening. Each section has a progress quiz that covers the syllabus that a professional chainsaw operator must meet to pass the UK industry standard assessment for chainsaw maintenance by the end of the course. Throughout the life of the saw, this knowledge saves maintenance costs over the cost of a saw to buy a new one, allowing you to get the best possible cutting performance, accuracy and quality from your machine.

My first professional background comes from the construction industry, which worked for a railroad civil engineering contractor for seven years. My work in that field spans bridge evaluation and maintenance work, research and construction project management, and lectures at the University of Central England on the design of structural elements for the BTEC Higher National Certificate Award for Civil Engineering Research. did. My attention was directed to the air transport industry in the late 90's, and the latter half of the decade was spent training and qualifying as a pilot. I am a flight instructor with a private pilot license and other relevant flight evaluation qualifications. I have been teaching the RAF Central Flight School Cadets Scholarship Program and have been the airline captain of the British regional airlines for the past decade. For years, I had an unanswered curiosity about arboriculture, especially aerial access and chainsaw operation. In 2010, I negotiated a part-time contract with my airline employer so that I could train as a tree surgeon. I was trained by one of the best trainers and operators in the UK industry. With 20 years of experience, he helped set industry standards and practice norms and performed the evaluation function of the National Skills Examination Council. In 2011 I was qualified for chainsaw maintenance, cross-cutting and logging, mountaineering and aerial rescue, and chainsaw operation from ropes and harnesses. I am now spending time on arboriculture flight and subcontracting work for my best friends and mentors who provided my training. I quickly realized how many people own and use chainsaws, but they do so without formal instructions on how to care for the machine. I also knew from experience that, for hours of instruction, a chainsaw could become a valuable asset or redundant relic of life in just a few weeks after purchase. Valuable to close the gap between professional industry training and domestic chainsaw owners / operators in my background of technical disciplines, education, both practical and theoretical subjects, and industry-specific knowledge. I want to create a course. Its cost.

Chainsaw Recovery, Maintenance and Safety. Course for

  • This course is intended for anyone who owns a chainsaw or is about to acquire one. It is designed to teach an absolute beginner how to look after and optimise a chainsaw and equip anyone with the skills they need to maintain their chainsaw to a commercial standard without the bills that come from approved maintenance agents. Equally the course is ideal as a brush up for anyone with existing maintenance skills.The course is not for anyone with a non running machine and there are no pre entry requirements. If you can hold a spanner, this course is for you.

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