Build a Idle Clicker Business Sim: Unity C# Game Development

Build a Idle Clicker Business Sim: Unity C# Game Development

Build a Idle Clicker Business Sim: Unity C# Game Development Udemy Course

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Build a Idle Clicker Business Sim: Unity C# Game Development Course Created by Odoo Class Videos.

Build a Idle Clicker Business Sim: Unity C# Game Development has 4.5 rating out of 5 based on 477 students. Currently this course has 2,775 students. Course langwage is English.

Build a Idle Clicker Business Sim: Unity C# Game Development Course Description

Introducing UNITY IDLE BUSINESS TYCOON 2.0! Updated December 7, 2021

The source code included in this course is worth 10 times the price.

Build a full-featured idle game with full source code

In this course you will learn how to create an idle business tycoon game from scratch, similar to games like ADventure Captialist, Web Tycoon, Cookie Clicker and more. But more importantly, this course is designed to teach important game development concepts and design patterns popularized by the Gang of Four.

Do you enjoy Tycoon and other simulation and idol games?

You know a little about C # and Unity3D, but want to take your development skills to the next level?

Play AdVenture Capitalist (free on Steam) to get some very good ideas for the core gameplay you will create in this course.

HD1080P instruction for 13 hours or more!

Learn the key concepts of the Unity interface

Ideal for beginner to intermediate level game programmers (currently includes advanced bonus content)

Odoo-class video produced by Greg Moss-an expert in both enterprise and game development tutorials

Start with a simple C # that even beginners can understand and end with a full-featured idle game!

Create a completely unique game in seconds with dozens of stores and upgrade with Exclusive Idle Game Data Generator.

Complete source code and updated projects for Unity 2019, Unity 2020, Unity 2021.

Version 2.0 released in December 2021! Added scriptable objects and a complete custom inspector.

Honestly ... the source code alone is worth 10 times the price!

Course Overview: This course focuses on core game design and programming principals. I use Unity tools to create the interface and all the artwork is from Creative Commons. The game design is borrowed from many idle Business Tycoon-type games such as AdVenture Capitalist and Cookie Clicker.

By the end of the course, you will be able to customize the game to your liking and create your own idle game.

This course starts from the beginning, but you'll get up quickly and teach you important game design patterns you need to know to write professional games.

Beginner skills:

Learn how to create a Unity3D project

The entire project will be created in stages. Let's start from the beginning!

Ideal for people new to Unity and programming in general

Use Unity 3D's latest UI tools to get started right away and create a working tycoon store

Write your first C # script to learn the basics of variables, IF statements, timer creation, and other simple programming concepts.

Create an animated progress bar to show the health of the store

Video exercises along the way will help you enhance your learning

Improvement of business tycoon game features and development skills:

Upgrade your game design to handle multiple stores

Create a game manager to better track in-game money

Learn how to implement a math function to calculate the cost of the next store

Add a store icon to learn how to create dynamic buttons

Learn important beginner C # structures and basic Unity 3D game development

Take your game development skills to the next level:

Designed to showcase important design patterns to improve your development skills

Improve your game manager with the singleton pattern

Implement observer design patterns using delegates and events

Refactor your Tycoon game to UI Manager

Use Unity Prefabs to dynamically create a store at run time

Learn how to load game data from XML! Important for gamers to be able to create mods

Learn how to build a state machine within the UI Manager to handle various interface states in a growing Tycoon game

Create a manager panel to extend your basic game design and provide templates to keep adding features to your business tycoon games

Great for anyone who wants to know how to implement a real game design and make it applicable to more advanced systems and future Tycoon games

****** Announcement Large-scale new course update *******

We are pleased to inform you that the major upgrade of the Tycoon Business Sim course has been completed. Take your game development skills to the next level. Download the full source code for the entire project!

This upgrade includes many new features found in commercial idle clicker games, including:

A new video lecture that covers both the functional and technical aspects of the game

Learn how to save and load game progress

Calculate idle profit (make money when the game is not running!)

Create a screen to display profits while you are out

Learn how to create a scroll view

Improved screen design and layout tips

Create games in unlimited stores. (Memory and CPU limits apply)

Use the new multiplier button to buy multiple stores at once

Calculate revenue per second for operations

Explanation of large numbers in up to 300 indices!

Handle "Angel" Investors or "Transcendence" (also known as New Game +)

A new lecture on how to set up and implement an idle tycoon business simulation

Super Bonus-Generate idle game data using a custom Unity3d Inspector !!

Generate idle game data to create procedurally generated stores, managers, and upgrades

Loading and saving game template settings makes it easy to generate new game designs

No need to pass keystore data and upgrades ... Adjust parameters to generate idle game data

Human-readable XML-stored data that can be easily modified and adjusted as needed

New learning opportunities!

Upgraded course video content to review technical upgrades for your project

Static methods and properties

Use constants

Reading game data from XML

Use PlayerPrefs to save the game state

Load configuration and store name, manager, upgrade from CSV

Create a custom inspector

Better split and integration between the game model and the UI

Threads and coroutines improve performance and smooth gameplay

Use setters and getters to protect class properties

Using LINQ with ArrayLists

A lot of comments throughout all the code

A new lecture covering all new content

10 bonus lectures through advanced concepts !!!!

Learn Unity and C # quickly with code reviews and detailed explanations of advanced architectural concepts.

Copyright 2015-2021 First Class Ventures, LLC. This item is not permitted to be posted on Steam, other games or game asset sites without permission.

Founder Greg Moss has been a business application and game developer for over 30 years.

Unlike most boring textbook courses that turn into videos, Greg creates fun and engaging courses that teach you how to quickly get started creating professional applications and games.

Greg focuses on development solutions and design patterns to get the job done. Currently, over 10,000 students are taking Greg courses on Udemy alone.

Serial entrepreneur Greg has created many successful businesses. In every course, Greg takes the time to show not only the technical aspects of application development, but also how to use those skills to succeed as a developer.

First class game studio

Greg is the founder of First Class Game Studios, a small indie game studio that led the cutting-edge experimental game project NeuroMage. NeuroMage combines exciting spellcasting duels, gorgeous images, and state-of-the-art biosensor technology.

Using NeuroSky's Mindwave (research-grade wireless EEG headset), Greg uses the power of his mind to build powerful spell weapons and learn to defeat opponents. created.

Currently, Greg is working on creating a fun Udemy course, incorporating what he has learned through years of business and game design architecture.

Odoo class video

Odoo Class is recognized as the # 1 resource for professional Odoo videos. Thousands of Odoo developers, Odoo partners, and Odoo integrators enroll in the Odoo class to deepen their knowledge of Odoo.

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Starting with our first video products, Odoo8 Essentials and Ubuntu Workshop OdooClass, we have built a library of over 200 professional Odoo videos.

Greg is also the author of Working With Odoo. Available on Amazon.

We are pleased to offer these latest courses to Udemy.

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Build a Idle Clicker Business Sim: Unity C# Game Development Course for

  • Anyone Interested in Building an Idle Business Tycoon Game similar to AdVenture Capitalist
  • Designed for Ambitious Beginners Who Wish to go Quickly From Basics to More Intermediate Game Design
  • For Beginner to Intermediate Level: Step-by-Step How to Build the Core Gameplay from the Ground Up
  • Intermediate Programmers who Wish to Learn Design Patterns and Refactoring Techniques

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